City Councilor expresses condolences to Gabby Petito’s family

The community is rallying around family and friends of Gabby’s Petito in her hometown of Blue Point.

An autopsy performed on Tuesday confirmed that the body found in Wyoming on Sunday was that of Petito.

The Teton County Coroner ruled that the original mode of death was homicide.

Jennifer McNamara, a longtime friend of the Petito family, helped bring the city together.

“The Schmidts and the Petitos are really part of this community,” says McNamara. “It’s very difficult for all of us here to know the pain they’re in. “

McNamara is also the founder of the Johnny Mac Foundation, which lined the streets of the community with teal ribbons before the official announcement.

Brookhaven City Councilor Neil Foley knows the family and says that as a father of four he has no words to describe what the family is going through.

“It’s been a tough few weeks,” says Foley. “Bayport-Blue Point has two towns but it is a special community and when something like this happens we step up our efforts. We step up our efforts in many ways. We help the family financially, with food, emotionally and that’s what we’re doing here. “

The president of the Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce also spoke about how the community is helping the family through this unthinkable time.

Rich Barrabi of News 12 spoke to the Speaker of the House who said: “The community right now is still devastated and in shock. The wounds are so deep because of it. Our city is so close. We are such a united community. We are constantly united. We are two cities, one community, one heart. “

The sign honoring Gabby as you enter Blue Point is another way the community has banned together to honor her memory.


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