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Celebrity-approved dark-hued outfits for the fall wedding

When it comes to wedding festivities, the baraatis, also, wish to look their best. They choose the best ethnic outfits to leave everyone in awe of their look. The wedding fashion keeps changing with the season. While the winter season sees many velvet outfits, the summer season is all about subtle hues. As we prepare to welcome fall, it’s time to add some dark hued ethnic outfits to your wedding wardrobe.

And when it comes to fashion, we can always count on our favorite celebrities for inspiration. Below are some celebrity endorsed ethnic numbers in dark hues that you need to bookmark.

If you like the color black, then the fall season is a great time to add a black lehenga to your wardrobe. Taking inspiration from Alia Bhatt, you can choose a black lehenga choli with a hint of gold.

If an all-black ethnic outfit can get too dark for wedding season, you can also take inspiration from Katrina Kaif’s floral designs. lehenga.

Do you like Deepika Padukone’s fashion choices? For a fall wedding, recreate Deepika’s gold and dark green shorts kurta and sharara together. Pull your hair up into a neat ponytail and complete your look with trendy earrings.

A chestnut lehenga It might seem odd at first, but we’re sure this Sonam Kapoor-approved look will inspire you to try this color as well.

By taking a page from Alia’s style book, you can also opt for a anarkali kurta in dark blue. By keeping your hairstyle simple, let your outfit do the talking.

Copper and black by Mouni Roy lehenga is also a good option for this season. With a trendy choker necklace, you can easily complete this look.

Those who don’t want to experiment too much with their look can take inspiration from Kajal Aggarwal’s gray. sari. Because this drape is quite simple, you can enhance the look with some heavy jewelry.

While opting for dark-hued outfits, be sure to keep your makeup subtle. A brown and gold eyeshadow palette can be the perfect match.

How do you plan to style dark hued outfits for fall weddings? Let us know by tweeting us @TimesNow.

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Experts blame climate change for Stawamus Chief landslide that rocked Squamish village Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:41:00 +0000

The town of Squamish, British Columbia, was rocked by two rock slides within 24 hours on Monday, with a huge slab of granite shearing through a section of the Stawamus Chief and crashing to the ground early in the morning.

The chef is a massive granite dome to the south of the city, popular with tourists and climbers.

The first dramatic landslide, which occurred around 1:34 a.m. PT and was captured on webcam, left an iron-tinted scar on the rock face after a bloom of sparks and plumes of dust. A smaller slide hit around 4:45 p.m. PT near Angel’s Crest Trail as people lined up to vote in the federal election.

Alexis Birkill, who runs, recorded the rocks as they crashed into the upper zodiac wall.

No injuries have been reported, but BC Parks and Squamish RCMP are urging people to stay away from the area where the Western Dihedral meets the Great Wall.

Climbing walls are closed while geotechnical engineers work to ensure safety. The closures are expected to last all winter, with fears that rain and then freezing temperatures could trigger more debris falling from the old rock face.

A reddish-brown iron-tinted scar can be seen where a huge granite pillar sheared Chief Stawamus on September 20 and fell into the rubble at the base. (Tim Cyr)

Some experts say climate change could accelerate the number of landslides that are often triggered by heat waves followed by rain. The extreme temperatures this summer may have caused the rock to expand and then contract in cold weather, creating stress fractures. Once weakened, heavy rains helped loosen the rock.

Gio Roberti, an avid mountaineer and climate change risk expert at Minerva Intelligence Inc., said the largest rock slide started two days after Friday’s 100-millimeter precipitation.

“It took a while for the water to seep through all of these cracks and push the pillar of the wall,” said Roberti.

The rumbling rock cascade recorded on a local seismograph. The last such large slide on the north or zodiac wall was reported in 2015. Five rock falls were reported this year, and three more occurred on the large wall in late June and July.

Rumbles like thunder

Anne Bright was awoken by the rumble of what she thought was thunder or an earthquake shaking her home around 1:34 a.m. PT on Monday morning.

Mountaineer Micah Handell stands on the rock slab that fell from the rock face of Stawamus Chief on September 20, 2021. This image was taken during an ascent on August 24. (Micah Handell)

Bright said this persisted for 16 minutes.

“Both of my cats’ tails were really swollen and they were in panic so I knew something was going on,” she said.

Bright said that when she looks up at the chef on a full moon night, she usually sees the campers’ headlamps on top of the rock dome. Fortunately, the rain had driven the campers away.

Micah Handell climbs the Borealis section of the Zodiac Wall in August 2021. A month later, the massive rock pillar pictured here broke loose in a landslide. (Micah Hadell)

Mountaineer Micah Handell believes he was the last to climb a huge slab of angular granite before it sheared early Monday morning. He photographed himself on top of a rocky section on the Borealis Road on August 24, 2021.

But he said he quickly dismounted after seeing the deep, menacing crack between the boulder and the monolithic chief’s face.

“I was like, man, I’m glad I climbed this road before this thing fell,” Handell said.

Roberti warned against any further climbing on the chef’s rock face.

He said he wasn’t surprised people wanted to be the last to stand on a slab that threatens to fall.

“Yeah, people do all kinds of weird things,” Roberti said.

The Great Wall of Stawamus Chief is a popular rock climbing site near Squamish, British Columbia (Squamish RCMP)

Starting this month, a Simon Fraser University research group will use light sensing and ranging (LiDAR) and laser beams to study the rock structure and assess the safety and stability of its various sections. .

They hope to place seismographs to locate higher risk areas.

Paul Adam, head of citizen science initiatives at Simon Fraser University’s Center for Natural Hazards Research, said the “flakes” of rock falling from Chief Stawamus are nothing new and believes blaming him on climate change is a “stretch”.

But he agreed, climbing the monolith is for now.

“At this point, I would probably give it some time to settle down.”

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In a time when no artist really seems to be retiring – as the recent Soft Cell example shows, heavily promoted farewell gigs can lead to new albums and new albums can lead to other live shows. – there is a real sense of purpose about Genesis’ Covid- delayed The Last Domino? to visit. Keyboardist Tony Banks may have faked questions about the band’s future, but frontman Phil Collins didn’t. This is, he said, of course, his steadfastness underscored by the audience’s apparent shock at his visible fragility in interviews to promote the shows: judging by some of the reactions to his recent appearance on BBC Breakfast. , you would have thought they had rolled it to the screen connected to a survival machine.

In truth, anyone interested knows that Collins has been in poor health for years: he performed seated and walked with a stick on a solo tour in 2016. Perhaps the expressions of surprise have something to do with the sound. the strength of Collins’ image in the 1980s in the public consciousness. Tonight presents a 1986 series of Invisible Touch hits, which catapulted Genesis to such ubiquity that they became not only hugely famous but iconic of an era in ways they perhaps didn’t have predicted – in Bret Easton Ellis ‘vicious satire on’ 80s consumerism, American Psycho is the favorite band of yuppie serial killer Patrick Bateman. Collins weaves his way through the title track, adding the bitter divorced energy that has become a hallmark of his early solo career; Tonight Tonight Tonight looks a lot darker and more atmospheric than when it never came out of MTV.

Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks. Photography: Bav Media

His disturbing character is amplified by the company he keeps. The setlist offers as much of the Peter Gabriel era as it does the Patrick Bateman years – Selling England By the Pound from 1973 is as well represented as Invisible Touch – which sometimes makes dramatic musical leaps: it’s a hairpin bend which raises eyebrows between the brilliance of No Son of Mine and the gnarled complexities of Firth of Fifth. But the show leans most strongly towards the period of Genesis’ career that lurks between them, when the band existed in a space between progressive rock and more mainstream concerns: the synth sounds brighter and more brash, the songs more downright melodic, but the very British strangeness that characterized Genesis in the early ’70s has not been completely erased. The result was some of the strangest Top 10 singles of the era: Turn It on Again dives despite being in four different time signatures; Mama – a song about this reliable hit subject, a teenage girl who develops an Oedipal fixation on a middle-aged sex worker – remains genuinely creepy almost 40 years later. Or maybe even more spooky: Collins performs the song’s midsection of bottomlit grunts and mocking laughter lit from below in red, a staging that deliberately turns his weathered face into a sight that might haunt you in the early hours of the morning. .

This isn’t the only time the show refers to his health, although it’s usually played for a laugh: he teases when I Can’t Dance reaches the limit of having “a perfect body with a perfect face.” “; instead of the complex and long drum duets he used to play with Chester Thompson, he sadly bangs his elbow and forehead with a tambourine during I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe), beckoning to hammily applause afterwards. More poignantly, there are times when Collins seems to get lost in the music: glancing down at the drums, where his son Nic replaces him, he begins to mimic the drum parts he can no longer play.

But, for the most part, the atmosphere is not so moving as it is festive. Collins is awfully funny between songs, and no matter what else has happened to him, his voice still rings loud; a gentleman of a certain age is so moved by the first chords of That’s All that he jumps to his feet and starts dancing the aisles, filming himself for posterity on his phone, before the ushers firmly lead him back to its place. And the story the show effectively tells is worth remembering: that of a group that seemed deeply implausible candidates for global ubiquity, but achieved it nonetheless.

At Utilita Arena, Birmingham, tonight and tomorrow, then on tour.

]]> 0 The Evergrande crisis in China is shaking up markets around the world Tue, 21 Sep 2021 00:18:00 +0000

HONG KONG / NEW YORK – A wave of fear over Chinese economic growth swept global markets on Monday as China Evergrande, the country’s most indebted real estate developer, was on the brink of default and investors worried about the consequences for its national and international peers. commodity prices.

While the Chinese and Hong Kong real estate groups bore the brunt of the sale, the impact was felt on the European and American stock markets. China Evergrande, with liabilities of nearly a third of a trillion dollars, faces deadlines this week for payments to banks and bondholders.

In the United States, the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended down 614 points, or 1.8% to close its worst trading day since July. Caterpillar and Goldman Sachs were the benchmark’s biggest losers on a day when investors were also watching the outlook for the Federal Reserve’s cuts to monetary easing. The Dow Jones fell 972 points to its lowest before cutting losses towards the end of the session.

The repercussions of the potential collapse of Evergrande will likely contribute to China’s current economic deceleration, which in turn anchors global growth and inflation and casts a veil on commodity prices, ”said Phoenix Kalen, strategist at Societe Generale in London.

The Nasdaq closed down 2.2% and the top three declines were all Chinese companies: Pinduoduo, Baidu and The S&P 500 ended down 1.7%. It was the worst trading day for both indices since May.

Security personnel barricade Evergrande’s offices in Shenzhen, China. The authorities are keen to prevent the group’s problems from causing greater economic ripples. © Reuters

The Global X MSCI China Real Estate ETF, an exchange-traded fund focused on the Chinese real estate sector, closed down 5.4% for the day.

In Europe, London’s FTSE 100 slipped nearly 1%, with miners leading the pullback, fearing a Chinese slowdown would further erode commodity prices. The Euro Stoxx 600 index fell by almost 1.7%.

Iron ore prices fell below $ 100 a tonne for the first time in more than a year, as China imposes more restrictions on steel production combined with investor fears that it will ‘a slowdown in real estate construction reduces demand for the metal. Copper fell 2%, as did oil. US steelmaker Nucor posted second-worst S&P performance, closing 7.6%

On Tuesday morning, the Japanese benchmark Nikkei Stock Average followed the trend, falling sharply to around 600 yen, or 2%, from the previous weekend to push it below 30,000 yen. The drop was the biggest since the end of June.

Global economic growth is closely tied to the fortunes of China, which was the only major economy to grow last year. In April, the International Monetary Fund predicted that China would contribute more than a fifth of the increase in global gross domestic product in the five years to 2026.

As the Chinese economy quickly recovered from the pandemic-induced slowdown, signs of slowing growth have emerged, particularly in the housing market where activity fell sharply in July and weakened further. in August.

Evergrande shares fell another 10.2% on Monday in Hong Kong, bringing losses for the year to 84%. The Hang Seng real estate index fell 6.7% to its lowest level since 2016 and the larger Hang Seng index ended down 3.3%. Chinese markets are closed until Wednesday for the holidays, but Singapore-traded FTSE China A50 index futures are down more than 3%

Evergrande has started offering suppliers and private investors apartments, parking lots and commercial space to replace missed payments. He faces a series of bond coupon payments starting on Thursday, and if he does not make the payments within a month, he will be labeled in default.

“Our baseline remains that any default or potential restructuring of Evergrande would be carefully managed by the government with limited spillover effect on the financial and real estate markets,” Goldman Sachs economists led by Hui Shan said. “This would require a clear message from the government soon to build confidence and stop the ripple effect, the absence of which we believe poses a noticeable downside risk to growth in the fourth quarter and next year.”

However, economists have warned that if a default were to occur without a clear “delineation” of spillovers to other parts of the economy, then the results would be harsher, perhaps up to 4.1% of GDP when real estate activity collapses and financial conditions collapse. to squeeze.

S&P Global Ratings also said it did not expect “a material systemic event in the event of Evergrande default.” But in a note to clients, he said the situation could worsen if a disorderly bankruptcy of the group coincided with a deeper market downturn in the sector. “It would set off a vicious cycle. We believe the industry itself has already experienced some weakness in sales and prices since August and may decline further.”

Shares of Sinic Holdings, a Shanghai real estate developer, collapsed 87% before trading ended. Investors fear the company may struggle to refinance a $ 246 million bond it is due to repay on Oct. 18, now that investors have deteriorated in the sector. Fitch Ratings lowered its outlook for the company to negative last week.

Big Hong Kong developers have also felt the negative impact. Sun Hung Kai Properties fell 10%, its biggest drop since 2012, and Henderson Land fell 13%.

China’s largest insurer Ping An fell 8.4%. The company said on Friday that it had no exposure to Evergrande and that its insurance investment fund held equity investments worth 63.1 billion yuan ($ 9.8 billion) related to it. to real estate developers, who she said were largely financially sound.

]]> 0 The shape of the rock should be taken into account more in risk assessments Mon, 20 Sep 2021 13:23:24 +0000

Rockfall is a very real threat in an Alpine country like Switzerland. In order to assess the danger at a given location and to plan protective measures, the design offices use computer models to calculate how far falling rocks can roll. However, models are not yet able to adequately take into account the extent to which the mass, size or shape of a rock influences its motion. This would require the introduction of real-world measurement data into the models, but so far this data has only been available sporadically, as no systematic rockfall studies have been conducted.

First full experiences

That has now changed after researchers at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF and ETH Zurich spent more than four years conducting rockfall experiments. “This allowed us to compile the largest set of measurement data to date,” says Andrin Caviezel, SLF researcher and lead author of the study. The researchers used man-made rocks in the form of concrete blocks fitted with sensors, which they rolled down a slope near the Flüela Pass in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. They compared different shapes and masses, reconstructed the complete trajectories and determined the speeds, jump heights and runout zones (see box). They have just published their results in the scientific journal Natural communications.

Lateral diffusion

The most significant finding is that the direction in which a stone rolls depends much more on its shape than on its mass. While cube-shaped boulders plunge directly along the line of greatest slope, wheel-shaped boulders often swerve to one side and thus can threaten a much larger area at the base of the slope. “This should be taken into account when evaluating danger zones, but also when determining the location and dimensions of anti-stone nets,” explains Caviezel. Since wheel-shaped rocks hit rock guard nets with their narrow side, their energy is concentrated in a much smaller area than is the case with cube-shaped rocks – protective nets should therefore be more solid.

More realistic models

The data is now entered into the RAMMS :: ROCKFALL simulation program developed at SLF. In addition to taking shape into account, the goal is to represent more realistically how the speed of rock is affected by the way it impacts and bounces off the ground. “This will allow us to offer an improved program that engineering firms can use to perform more reliable calculations,” says Caviezel. The dataset is also available on the EnviDat platform, where it is freely accessible to other research groups. They can use it to calibrate their own algorithms or to develop new, more accurate models that provide enhanced rockfall protection.

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Bills defense shakes Dolphins to revive defending AFC East champions – the Athletic Mon, 20 Sep 2021 01:13:23 +0000

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla .– Each sideline at Hard Rock Stadium, in teal and white, featured the words “Welcome Back”.

The letters were facing the bleachers, which suggests the Miami Dolphins were gesturing to their fans, although you can excuse the Buffalo Bills if they thought the hospitality was meant for them.

The Bills have made Hard Rock Stadium their home, once again, once again, a superior defensive first half to an easy 35-0 annihilation.

Gracious guests, the Bills made sure to wipe their feet, albeit on the Dolphins’ forehead.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, were knocked off their spikes by a Bills defense who, after allowing the Pittsburgh Steelers just one touchdown a week ago, vowed to play better and did it.

Six possessions in the game, Miami had run 32 games for 100 yards. The Buffalo defense had amassed four sacks, six quarterback hits, two more loss tackles, a forced fumble, a salvage and an interception while stopping Miami twice on the fourth down. Buffalo knocked out Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa from the game with injured ribs.

“They just beat Miami shit,” Wall of Fame linebacker Darryl Talley said of Buffalo’s defensive performance, “and that’s what you have to do.

“If they start bullying people that way, what happens is the other team knows, when they go out on the pitch, that’s what they’ve got to come. This is going to be a bitch for some people.

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Rock Hill SC Pharmacy Recognized for COVID Vaccination Effort Sun, 19 Sep 2021 11:00:00 +0000

Chad Moss draws COVID-19 snapshots during a pop-up vaccination event in Mint Hill, North Carolina, Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Chad Moss draws COVID-19 snapshots during a pop-up vaccination event in Mint Hill, North Carolina, Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

The South Carolina Department of Health has recognized the family business Good Pharmacy in Rock Hill as a “community hero” after administering more than 16,000 injections of COVID-19.

The pharmacy, which has served the Rock Hill area since 1963, began administering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in January and administered about 7% of the 217,028 total doses administered in York County, according to the State Department of Health and Environmental Control. .

“Some of our long-time customers have actually volunteered to come and help us with some of the paperwork,” said Alton Hyatt, co-owner of Good Pharmacy. “My sister and I couldn’t have done it without the staff and volunteers. We are committed to getting everyone vaccinated. “

The agency’s Community Heroes initiative recognizes individuals and providers across the state who are working to expand access to COVID-19 education, testing and vaccines, according to the DHEC website.

Good Pharmacy is the second Rock Hill area vaccine supplier to be commended by DHEC for its vaccination efforts.

In May, the town’s immunization clinic, which at the time administered more than 50,000 Pfizer-BioNTech injections, received the same award and a governor’s proclamation from Governor Henry McMaster.

“Every staff member is personally committed to helping their neighbors,” DHEC 5th District Board member Rick Lee said of Family Pharmacy. “I think it would be worth it for other small pharmacies to come and see how the process goes, because when you move a lot of people for vaccinations you have to be very systematic and organized. These folks here have the paperwork, record keeping, and fire administration down to a science. “

Assembly of COVID cases

As of Thursday, 50% of all South Carolinians eligible for a COVID vaccine were fully vaccinated, DHEC said. State health officials have continuously urged more residents to get vaccinated after warning that South Carolina’s low vaccination rate leaves it vulnerable to the highly transmissible delta variant, which has since increased across the country. ‘State.

The New York Times recently reported that South Carolina has the fifth highest COVID case rate of any state, down from its second rank last week. The state, over the past week, recorded 93 new infections per 100,000 people, with an average of about 4,777 per day, according to the recent report.

In York County, 46% of all vaccine-eligible residents were fully vaccinated as of Thursday, while 55% received at least one dose, according to DHEC. The county has approximately 223,800 residents eligible for a COVID vaccine.

Despite its ever-increasing vaccination rate, York County is among the 25 worst epidemics of South Carolina’s 46 counties, according to the Times report.

The county recorded 86 new infections per 100,000 residents last week, making it the 24th worst in the state, according to the Times report. York County was ranked 19th last week.

Southern Carolinians can sign up for an appointment for vaccines at Good Pharmacy, located at 1237 Ebenezer Rd., By calling the pharmacy at 803-327-2081.

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Cailyn Derickson is a municipal government and politics reporter for The Herald, covering York, Chester and Lancaster counties. Cailyn graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She previously worked for The Pilot and The News and Observer.

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Texas court lets school policy continue Sat, 18 Sep 2021 20:50:12 +0000