Lille President Olivier Létang: “We have hit rock bottom.

” Back Talk to Main video after his team’s 1-0 defeat against Clermont yesterday, Lille president Olivier Létang acknowledged that the champions are now in a difficult situation after a mediocre start to defend their title. His words transcribed in The voice of the North, the former Rennais in particular …

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5 stars for “Fall at the Opry” from Flat Rock Playhouse

After 19 months of darkness (that’s theater lingo for not having a show), the stage and house lights are on again at Flat Rock Playhouse with the production of “Autumn at the Opry”, a diverse and uplifting tribute to predominantly country music. Unlike some musical journals which create scenes to …

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A canary in an ice-rich rock glacier in Alaska

Emily Schwing: It is American scientist‘s 60-Second Science. I am Emily Schwing. How do you fight an uphill battle when the problem moves down? This is exactly what Denali National Park resident geologist Denny Capps is trying to figure out. Caps: Over the past few years, the Pretty Rocks landslide …

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