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Illustration: Iris Gottlieb

When you think of jazz, you might think of La La Land, luxury car commercials or fancy dinners. Cool, sophisticated, complex, jazz today seems to signify the epitome of class and taste. For pianist Vijay Iyer, this point of view is completely wrong about music. Jazz is not cool. Jazz is counter-cultural. Jazz is not an endangered art, jazz is alive and relevant. Jazz is not about virtuosity and technique, it is about fighting against racism and injustice. And for these reasons, maybe we shouldn’t call this music “jazz” at all.

With a trio of Linda May Han Oh on bass and Tyshawn Sorey on drums, Iyer recorded a new album, Worried, which continues the provocative political legacy of improvised music. Through songs that address Flint’s water crisis, Eric Garner’s murder and social unrest, Iyer connects his music to the key issues of our day without singing a word. While his songs originate from our chaotic present and crackle with fierce urgency, they also go back to alumni like John Coltrane, Geri Allen and Charles Mingus – musicians who never shied away from fighting. In this week’s episode of Lit Pop, Iyer spoke to co-host Nate Sloan about the dividing lines between music and activism, and why the term “jazz” is something to sell rather than to celebrate.

Nate Sloan: Tell me about the themes of your new album, Worried.

Vijay Iyer: We were in the studio in December 2019, which certainly sounded like the throes of American madness under a genocidal fascist regime. And the three of us [Iyer, Oh, and Sorey] because different artists of color have faced this in different ways. It was before the pandemic. And then the incredible uprising that began last summer – not just in the United States, but around the world, to police violence and anti-black violence in particular.

When you see a movement like that, it’s about hope, isn’t it? These are people who are fighting for their future. And so we were in this environment that felt like an apocalypse, this feeling of the end of worlds. It was the tone of the conversation. And yet there was this gesture of fighting for the world to come. So I guess I found myself right in the middle of it all, trying as an artist to imagine a future for this music.

I’m talking about a specific song on the album, “Children of Flint”. It’s one of the more overtly political titles in the collection, and I hear it as a reference to Flint’s water crisis. Is there a parallel between the dynamic of playing in an improvisation trio and the political reference in the title of the song?

I mean, that’s a good question, and maybe it’s better to leave a question. In a way, that’s kind of what a song title does: it asks you a question. “What could this group of sounds do with this reality in the world?” I remember we did a few takes of it, and it’s not that easy to play, actually. Sometimes when musicians get into this kind of thing like, “Oh, I’m playing something difficult” then they start to play it. difficult.

It kind of becomes a question of success. And finally, we came to this realization: that’s not what it is. It is not for that. So in fact, we had to sort of step back and do something softer and more spacious that invited the listener to be with us in a space based on contemplation.

I meant low key, but that might not be the right word. Maybe rather, haunted. Yes. This is how I would put it. And then I also wanted it to be something that I would feel comfortable playing for the kids. Since it’s a song for the kids of Flint, and it basically asks people to support the kids of Flint. So how do I do that, you know? How can the aesthetic of the song serve this movement or this community?

You mentioned that “Children of Flint” was difficult to play. And it reminds me of the second selection on this album, which is called “Combat Breathing” and features an unusual and difficult time signature of 11/8. What led you to this time signature? Or if it happened in a more organic way, what function do you think it serves within the track?

This piece was first written in December 2014 as a class action score at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. That particular moment, as you may remember, was the year Michael Brown was killed. It was the year Tamir Rice was killed, and it was the year Eric Garner was killed. And then I was commissioned to play this piece for solo piano at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

And actually what I chose to do is give all the commission money to this collective called Dancing While Black to perform at the event. What they did was stage a die-in that was basically a way to do not start the show. And while I was playing this piece, they stood up to face the audience, which was mostly white audiences.

It was about that moment of confrontation. And to me, that 11/8 meter was about Eric Garner, his final audiences, which were those eleven times saying “I can’t breathe”. And so these are the eleven that this piece actually wears. It’s 11 bars, and it’s 11 beats per bar. And the baseline of that line is about both its tragedy and the challenge of this movement that the Black Lives Matter movement was at the time of its birth. It was therefore really a question of serving this movement. And that’s basically what this piece is trying to do.

I see that a lot of publications tell you about a jazz pianist, but I also see that you don’t use that term. “Creative Music” is a label that you use when necessary. Why would you want to avoid the term “jazz?” »What could be some of its limits applied to the sounds in which you are engaged?

Well, first of all, the point is that black musicians have resisted that word for a hundred years. So I learned that from the elders, that is not the word for us. There is a famous interview with [saxophonist John] Coltrane from 1966, when he was in Japan, and the interviewer asked him something about “What’s your take on the situation of jazz today?” ” or something like that. And he replies, “Jazz is the word they use to sell our music. But for me, this word does not exist. So all I’m saying is I didn’t make it up. Perhaps the most famous quote is Duke Ellington’s line, “Well, there are two kinds of music, good music and the other kind.”

There are all those times when artists have strategically resisted that word, because it limits what they seek to do and it revokes their ability to define their work on their own terms.

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8 Things To Do This Weekend: Puerto Rican Celebration, Jazz Festival, and CT Trails Day https://ericjohnsonweb.com/8-things-to-do-this-weekend-puerto-rican-celebration-jazz-festival-and-ct-trails-day/ https://ericjohnsonweb.com/8-things-to-do-this-weekend-puerto-rican-celebration-jazz-festival-and-ct-trails-day/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 08:50:23 +0000 https://ericjohnsonweb.com/8-things-to-do-this-weekend-puerto-rican-celebration-jazz-festival-and-ct-trails-day/


Looking for safe and fun weekend activities for the whole family? We have eight ideas for you!

On Saturday, witness an incredible event – the celebration and the Puerto Rican caravan from Hartford honoring essential workers. You can also watch our News 8 special at 11:30 am.

On Saturday, discover the Eastern Connecticut Performing Arts Jazz Festival at Yurechko Tree Farm with a variety of groups and food vendors.

Saturday, stroll in the Main Street Festival in Stratford with 130 vendors, music, food, games, stalls and rides for children.

On Saturdays and Sundays, enjoy free entry to the historic homes of the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum and it’s new Holcombe Education Center.

This weekend, take part in Connecticut Trails Day – highlight our natural spaces – with a directory of places and events. Security protocols are in place.

Celebrate Pride Month at Drive-in at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Films including Rent and The Birdcage are on the program this weekend.

On Sundays, take the children to a treasure hunt launched by the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, which takes place in Mathews Park. Buy tickets online.

Every Sunday until Labor Day, meet at the Mountainside Market at Powder crest with a wide variety of artisans. The zip line is also open for the season.

Send information about future events to Sarah.Cody@wtnh.com.

Have a good week-end!!

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Memphis Grizzlies vs. Utah Jazz live score and stats – Jun 2, 2021 Gametracker https://ericjohnsonweb.com/memphis-grizzlies-vs-utah-jazz-live-score-and-stats-jun-2-2021-gametracker/ https://ericjohnsonweb.com/memphis-grizzlies-vs-utah-jazz-live-score-and-stats-jun-2-2021-gametracker/#respond Thu, 03 Jun 2021 15:10:30 +0000 https://ericjohnsonweb.com/memphis-grizzlies-vs-utah-jazz-live-score-and-stats-jun-2-2021-gametracker/

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) Donovan Mitchell kept thinking about the Utah Jazz losing a 3-1 lead to Denver in last season’s playoffs.

Even though allergies woke him up every hour one night before the Jazz played with another 3-1 series advantage over the Memphis Grizzlies, Mitchell focused on a quick start and a solid finish.

Mtichell scored 26 of his 30 points in the first half and the Jazz advanced to the second round of the playoffs, beating the Grizzlies 126-110 on Wednesday night in Game 5.

I think setting the tone was huge. We did it as a unit on both ends of the field and with the understanding that you can’t bring a team such life, ”Mitchell said of the quick start from Utah.

Mitchell also had 10 assists and six rebounds in 29 minutes, resting a bit before facing the winner of the Los Angeles Clippers-Dallas Mavericks game.

“These allergies kicked my ass, probably the worst I’ve ever had,” Mitchell snorted.

On the pitch, Mitchell was doing all the kicks and making sure the playoff outcome was different from last season.

“Donovan has improved every year since he’s been here and obviously his return has been essential and has been huge for us because of the way we play now. It’s fun playing with Donovan, said Rudy Gobert, who has 23 points and 15 rebounds for Utah.

Jordan Clarkson scored 24 points and Bojan Bogdanovic added 17 points to help the seeded Jazz claim their fourth straight victory.

Even after a cool fourth quarter, the Jazz pulled 53%.

“We’ve really moved the ball, and when we do that the first thing that has to happen is we have to space out – we can’t be standing next to each other – to move the ball like we do. want to. We had the will to pass and shoot, ”Utah coach Quin Snyder said.

The Memphis Big Three all played effectively on offense, but received little help from the supporting cast. Ja Morant finished his record-breaking first playoff series with 27 points and 11 assists. Dillon Brooks also scored 27 points and Jonas Valanciunas added 18.

Ja has grown so much this year. I know he’s going to be very motivated heading into the offseason to level up as a player (and) continue to help this team take it to the next level. His words in the locker room were “We will be back” and that’s a good mentality. … He’s only scratching the surface of what he can become as a player, ”said Memphis coach Taylor Jenkins.

Mitchell capped Utah’s big first half with two contested 26-foot jumpers to bring the score to 75-51 and put the 13,000 fans on their feet.

The Jazz got past the Grizzlies’ slow rotations and scored on 16 of 19 possessions to start the game, highlighted by an 8-for-10 3-point shot. Mitchell scored 14 points in six minutes and the Jazz were leading 47-27 by the end of the first quarter – two more than the previous team playoff record for any quarterback of 45 set in 1991.

“We attacked the rim. We shared the ball and we played in defense. When we move the ball we go into the paint and we move the ball like we did, I don’t think there is a single defensive pattern that can really stop us. We’ve seen them all, ”Gobert said.

Clarkson’s 3 points in the middle of the third quarter gave the Jazz their biggest lead at 91-56

“We got to see how we stacked up against a No.1 seed and we gave them all the fights we could. Our defense has been tested. We could have played a little better with the pass during this series. Guys just have to watch a movie and make their weaknesses their strengths, so when we come back we’ll be that unstoppable team, ”said Brooks.

The Jazz played all season with the bitter taste that blew in Denver, but they didn’t even give Memphis a glimmer of hope of repeating history in that elimination game and led end to end so that they reached the second round for the first time since 2018.

“This game is over, this series is over and we didn’t go that far to win a single series. we have to go out there and do it over and over and over again, ”Mitchell said.

The Grizzlies believe they have grown throughout the series and will be ready to take a similar step to Utah next year.

“None of us like to lose. We certainly didn’t want our season to end the way it did. But, I mean, we have a lot to be proud of in our fight, ”said Morant. “Everyone is hungry for more.”


Mike Conley left with 8:58 left in the second quarter with right hamstring pain and did not return. He has missed 21 games this season, mostly because of his hamstrings.

“In the first quarter, I just felt the little tug or whatever in my hammer,” Conley said. I created the bench and informed the staff. but it was getting more and more painful the more I was running on it, so they decided to shoot me. ”

The former Memphis star was disheartened especially as he worked so hard in training and missed so many games at the end of the regular season to be ready for the playoffs.

I’m frustrated, for sure, afterwards. I put a lot of effort into showing up early, staying late, strengthening, running, conditioning, everything, ”said Conley.


Grizzlies: After experiencing fan misconduct in Game 2, Morant’s family members were allocated court-side seats by Utah owner Ryan Smith. . Memphis scored more points in the paint than Utah in the first four games, but was outscored 60-52.

Jazz: The new minority owner, Dwayne Wade, sat next to the field and said, “Everyone take note! The Jazz are heading for the second round. ”. Jazz tied a franchise record in the playoffs with nine 3s in the first quarter. . There was a moment of silence before the game in honor of former Jazz center Mark Eaton. He died last week at the age of 64.

More NBA AP: https://apnews.com/hub/NBA and https://twitter.com/AP-Sports

Copyright 2021 STATS LLC and Associated Press. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of STATS LLC and Associated Press is strictly prohibited.

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Are the Utah Jazz the Gonzaga Bulldogs of the NBA? https://ericjohnsonweb.com/are-the-utah-jazz-the-gonzaga-bulldogs-of-the-nba/ https://ericjohnsonweb.com/are-the-utah-jazz-the-gonzaga-bulldogs-of-the-nba/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 22:27:46 +0000 https://ericjohnsonweb.com/are-the-utah-jazz-the-gonzaga-bulldogs-of-the-nba/

With the Utah Jazz on the cusp of qualifying for the second round of the NBA Playoffs, a prominent radio voice recently compared them to a college program that, perhaps ironically, holds a special place in the heart of many jazz fans.

Earlier this week, Colin Cowherd said “Utah is Gonzaga’s basketball,” referring to the alma mater of jazz legend John Stockton, the small school that has grown into a basketball powerhouse. university.

The reasoning of the herdsman? While both teams have maintained excellence for a long time, neither have reached the ultimate pinnacle of winning a championship.

Cowherd noted that Jazz have the second most wins since 1995, but the other three teams in the top four – the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat – have won a total of 13 titles since then while Utah has won none.

“Gonzaga was in a winning basket (in 2017) and now they’re 31-1. Everyone’s talking about that one, ”Cowherd said. “It defines them. … It’s the Jazz of Utah. Until we see it, we just can’t buy it.

Cowherd praised the Jazz, however, particularly highlighting their 3-point shooting ability, the defense of head coach Quin Snyder and Rudy Gobert, among others.

“But we just can’t – I’ve never seen a team that is a No.1 seed, nobody is talking about it,” Cowherd said. “I mean, the networks just bury them, and it’s like maybe we want to be careful. They are pretty good.

“I don’t know if they’ll win, but I’ll say this right away: Donovan Mitchell, who was injured before the playoffs, if he’s healthy they’re going to be really, really tough.”

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A new venue inspired by Thai jazz bars in Poole https://ericjohnsonweb.com/a-new-venue-inspired-by-thai-jazz-bars-in-poole/ https://ericjohnsonweb.com/a-new-venue-inspired-by-thai-jazz-bars-in-poole/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 04:00:00 +0000 https://ericjohnsonweb.com/a-new-venue-inspired-by-thai-jazz-bars-in-poole/

A COCKTAIL bar inspired by Chiang Mai in Thailand is about to come to the heart of Poole.

Nusara Thai has announced that it is taking over the former Grade II listed Royal Navy command headquarters building in the Old Town.

The development of the site will involve an investment resulting in a cocktail bar, an outdoor heated terrace with 80 seats and a vaulted wine cellar.

The kitchen will focus on the company’s existing credentials of creative Thai cuisine prepared by world-class chefs, with new chefs Thammanoon Thurasan and Nusara Padungwong ready to join them.

The venue, which stems from the BCP Council’s plans to regenerate Poole, will also feature a series of jazz and blues events in the summer and winter on the patio and in the wine cellars during the winter.

Nusara is part of Fired Up Hospitality, a company founded last year which manages the Zim Braai, Nusara and Old Thatch brands and is looking to expand its offering in different areas of the hospitality industry.

Its objective is to continue to develop and grow its current brands as well as to add new own brands to the group while taking positions in independents and helping them to develop.

Andy Lennox, Managing Director of Fired Up Hospitality, said: “It has been an incredibly difficult year for the industry and our teams and as we seek to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time to look ahead. the future.

“With the BCP Council’s commitment to invest heavily in Poole, we now believe the time has come to invest in an iconic building with years of history that has sadly sat empty for many years. Poole’s regeneration begins now. ”

As reported, Nusara launched in Christchurch when it opened on a Castle Street site late last year.

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What I rent: Jazz and Rob, £ 1,650 per month for a house in Highams Park https://ericjohnsonweb.com/what-i-rent-jazz-and-rob-1650-per-month-for-a-house-in-highams-park/ https://ericjohnsonweb.com/what-i-rent-jazz-and-rob-1650-per-month-for-a-house-in-highams-park/#respond Tue, 01 Jun 2021 08:45:00 +0000 https://ericjohnsonweb.com/what-i-rent-jazz-and-rob-1650-per-month-for-a-house-in-highams-park/

Jazz, 28, lives with her boyfriend Rob in a two bedroom house in Highams Park, Chingford (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)

Welcome back to What I Rent, our weekly series examining the rented properties people call home.

Last week we were in Toxteth, Liverpool, with Jess and Al, who are paying £ 525 a month for their one bedroom apartment.

This time we are back in the south, in Highams Park, Chingford, London.

Jazmine rocks, 28, is a social media manager and content creator who has lived in the capital her entire life – always in the south, until she moved east with her six-year-old partner, Rob.

“South London will always have a special place in my heart, but it made sense for Rob and I to move east as it’s closer to his job and I have the flexibility to work from home” , says Jazz.

We spoke with her about her experience and Rob’s experience renting the two bedroom house they moved into just five months ago.

What I rent: Jazz, two bedroom house in Highams Park

This is the first house they have rented together (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)

Hi Jazz! How much are you and Rob paying to live here?

Our rent is £ 1,650 per month.

Bills (council tax, gas, electricity, water and broadband) cost between £ 200 and £ 250 per month.

And what do you get for what you pay for?

A house with six rooms in total; three bedrooms downstairs and three upstairs.

Downstairs we have a living room, a middle living room and a large open plan kitchen and dining room extension which leads to a good sized garden.

Upstairs we have a bathroom (with a separate tub and shower), a master bedroom and a smaller guest bedroom.

Do you feel like you’re getting a good deal?

I do! During our research, we saw houses of a similar price, but nowhere near the same quality.

This house has been recently renovated with a very modern and spacious kitchen-diner, in addition it was almost fully furnished; the three sofas on the ground floor, the dining table and chairs, the bed, most of the storage and all the garden furniture were included!

Rob and I saved hundreds of pounds by not having to buy such bulky furniture, which we didn’t already have, with me coming from a one bedroom apartment and Rob leaving his family home.

The couple moved in six months ago (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)

What do you think of the area, Highams Park?

Due to the lockdown I haven’t explored much of the area but what I have seen has been lovely so far.

The local parks are beautiful and I’m so excited to live within walking distance of the William Morris Gallery – as you can see from back home I’m a huge fan of Morris & Co models!

I love the proximity to the train station; since I cannot drive, this is the key for me. We’re only a short walk from the train station so it’s very convenient for friends and family coming too.

How did you find the house?

Rightmove! I hiked almost everyday for over a month, looking for the perfect spot.

I had a lot of checkboxes – we wanted a separate tub and shower in the bathroom, a large modern kitchen, hardwood or laminate floors, a garden, and for it to be within walking distance of a station.

I managed to book a tour right away but since we were closed in November I didn’t really visit the property as I had no way of getting there easily as I was living in Bromley in the ‘time.

Rob could easily go to the viewing as he lived in Essex and worked in East London so he checked it out and then we put in an offer.

Do you feel like you have enough space?

Certainly, more than enough! I have lived in small houses all my life, so having so much room is such a novelty for me. Although it is amazing how quickly you adjust to have more space.

We look forward to entertaining our very large family and having friends as soon as possible.

They loved making the space their own (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)

How did you make the house feel right at home?

I have the impression that mine and Rob’s personalities shine through in our decor; from all the personal keepsakes, photographs and knickknacks we’ve collected over the years, to all the prints, patterns and colors dotted around the house.

The fresh plants and flowers always make it look so simple too, we created a bit of an indoor garden in the kitchen, and I recently took a few flower design classes so there are always arrangements. flowers in every room!

To be fair, this place felt like home almost instantly. I feel like we’ve been here for well over five months.

Did you have trouble decorating during the rental? Is your landlord happy for you to make songs?

It was not difficult at all! I’ve lived in rented places all my life so I’m very used to making a rental feel like home even without a lick of paint.

It’s easy for me to add color, prints, and patterns (I’m a huge fan of William Morris) with textiles throughout the house, and using the nails already in the walls to hang the frames.

The owner has a similar style to me, so the design and all the furniture they left in the house is in keeping with my personal interior style – so much so that our friends and family have said this house was made for. me.

Jazz recently took flower design classes so you’ll see a lot of arrangements (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)

Are there any issues with the house that you have to deal with?

Not really! Just the usual wear and tear that comes with any home and the fact that it took a little while for broadband to be up and running …

Do you plan to move again soon?

We signed up for a year, maybe we are looking to extend it because it really feels like home.

Do you want to own accommodation someday or are you happy to rent it out?

We of course want to buy our own house in the next year.

I feel like I am in the right position financially, but I am aware that we probably could not afford to buy a house like this in London, so we are certainly enjoying this lovely rental while we have it.

Fair. Can we take a look around?

Welcome to the lounge (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
The house was fully furnished – including these sofas (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
Jazz says the house immediately felt like home (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
The house has also been recently renovated (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
The couple are lucky enough to have a garden to bask in the sun (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
The kitchen is quite luxurious too (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
Fancy, right? (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
There are lots of trinkets all over the house (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
Here is the couple’s bedroom (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
Can you tell Jazz loves models? (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
More plants, more impressions (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
There is also a guest bedroom (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
Jazz looks forward to welcoming friends and family once it’s cleared (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
Finally, the bathroom (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
Check out this amazing wallpaper (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)
Yes we are envious (Photo: Jazmine Rocks)

What I Rent is a weekly series that comes out every Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Check back next week to get another nose around a rented property.

How to get involved in what I rent

What I’m renting is Metro.co.uk’s weekly series that takes you to the places people rent, to give us all a better idea of ​​what’s normal and how much we should be paying.

If you would like to participate, please send an email to whatirent@metro.co.uk. You will need to take pictures of your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom, as well as some photos of yourself in your bedroom or living room.

Make sure you get permission from your roommates! You will also have to agree to share the amount you pay for rent, as this is quite large.

By the way, we’re not just looking for the most beautiful places. We want the reality of rental, so if you’re currently renting accommodation that you hate, we’d love to see that too (and sympathize a lot!).

This article contains sites with affiliate links. We may earn a small commission on purchases made through any of these links on these locations.

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NBA playoffs, betting odds, pick: 76ers, Jazz spreads among top games for Monday’s game list https://ericjohnsonweb.com/nba-playoffs-betting-odds-pick-76ers-jazz-spreads-among-top-games-for-mondays-game-list/ https://ericjohnsonweb.com/nba-playoffs-betting-odds-pick-76ers-jazz-spreads-among-top-games-for-mondays-game-list/#respond Mon, 31 May 2021 15:18:37 +0000 https://ericjohnsonweb.com/nba-playoffs-betting-odds-pick-76ers-jazz-spreads-among-top-games-for-mondays-game-list/


Something to watch out for as the playoffs progress: All four Eastern Conference series are over or have at least one team with three wins. These confrontations are likely to end shortly. Things are more complicated in the West. We’ve got three 2-2 draws, and the fourth set between Memphis and Utah could get there tonight. In other words, the East could be ready for the second round well before the West.

Finally, the calendar should bring the two conferences together. The playoffs end with their two champions face to face, after all. However, how they’re going to do this is worth watching from a play point of view. Western teams might be forced to play every other day, which limits the rest that injured players can get. Conversely, teams in the East end up taking more nights off. Will it affect momentum? Keep an eye on the upcoming schedule. There will be opportunities there. For now, let’s take a look at today’s best bets. It will be a busy day with this lightweight slate.

All lines via William Hill Sportsbook

Featured Game | Washington Wizards vs. Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers have lost a quarter of that entire series. It was the first quarter of the first game and the deficit was one point. Since? It was a total demolition, and Washington has no answer for Joel Embiid. As our own Colin Ward-Henninger noted, they had as much trouble overtaking him as they have leaving him in one blanket. Unless Washington plans to negotiate for another center this afternoon, nothing will change in this game. Philadelphia will complete the sweep on Monday. The choice: 76ers -8.5

Featured Game | Memphis Grizzlies vs. Utah Jazz

Memphis kept that No.1 vs. No.8 game closer than Washington, at least, but that doesn’t bring him any closer. Utah is averaging 131 points per game with Donovan Mitchell back. To some extent, hot shooting is responsible, but the Jazz have led the NBA in 3-point attempts during the season and finished fifth in percentage. They might fall, but it won’t be too far. The Grizzlies just don’t have the staff to keep up with this kind of track competition. If we use the 131 point number as a bar, Memphis would need to score 126 just to push that gap. They’ve only done it 12 times in non-extended games this season. The Jazz just have offensive gear that the Grizzlies don’t. The choice: Jazz -5.5

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Jazz vs Grizzlies Live: Watch NBA Playoffs, TV Channel, Game 4 Rush Time, Predictions, Odds, Line https://ericjohnsonweb.com/jazz-vs-grizzlies-live-watch-nba-playoffs-tv-channel-game-4-rush-time-predictions-odds-line/ https://ericjohnsonweb.com/jazz-vs-grizzlies-live-watch-nba-playoffs-tv-channel-game-4-rush-time-predictions-odds-line/#respond Sun, 30 May 2021 23:10:25 +0000 https://ericjohnsonweb.com/jazz-vs-grizzlies-live-watch-nba-playoffs-tv-channel-game-4-rush-time-predictions-odds-line/


While the Memphis Grizzlies won the opener on the road, it doesn’t look like they’re going to score a major setback in the first round. Since then, the Utah Jazz has rebounded with double-digit wins in Games 2 and 3, and this series is starting to look more like everyone expected before they started.

The return of Donovan Mitchell was a big factor in the Jazz’s turnaround of the series. After missing the first game with an ankle injury, he came back and averaged 27 points in the last two games. While he hasn’t been super efficient, his scoring ability is crucial for their offense.

Will he be able to hold it in Game 4 to give the Jazz a 3-1 lead? Or will the Grizzlies defend the field and even the series? Here’s all you need to know:

(1) Utah Jazz vs. (8) Memphis Grizzlies

  • Dated: Monday May 31 | Time: 9:30 p.m. ET
  • Location: FedEx Forum – Memphis, Tennessee
  • TV: TNT | Direct: TNT
  • Chances: Not yet published

Featured Game | Memphis Grizzlies vs. Utah Jazz


Jazz: When the Jazz lost Game 1 and reports indicated Donovan Mitchell was upset about being selected, it was easy to start thinking about this team’s past playoff failures. However, they have shown an impressive response since then and are now on track to take care of the Grizzlies and advance to the second round for the first time since 2018. Yet while they are clearly the better team, it’s okay. make some resolve to finish off a young Grizzlies team that works extremely hard and won’t give up a game.

Grizzlies: Moral wins aren’t quite what anyone wants this time of year, but Ja Morant and Co. should be proud of their performance so far in this series, even though they’ve lost 2-1 before the game. 4. They stole Match 1 on the road, and while they ended up losing games 2 and 3 in double digits, they made big comebacks in every contest to give themselves a chance. Even now, they haven’t come off the show yet. A win here in Game 4 would tie things together and guarantee at least six games. Either way, it’s been a great first round in the playoffs for this team.


No lines are available for this game yet, but Jazz should be the favorite, and we’ll be rolling with them. The Grizzlies work hard, and Ja Morant is extremely fun, but the Jazz finished with the best record of the regular season for a reason. Choice: Jazz

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Jazz closes door on Grizzlies to lead 2-1 series in NBA playoffs https://ericjohnsonweb.com/jazz-closes-door-on-grizzlies-to-lead-2-1-series-in-nba-playoffs/ https://ericjohnsonweb.com/jazz-closes-door-on-grizzlies-to-lead-2-1-series-in-nba-playoffs/#respond Sun, 30 May 2021 06:01:21 +0000 https://ericjohnsonweb.com/jazz-closes-door-on-grizzlies-to-lead-2-1-series-in-nba-playoffs/

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Quin Snyder doesn’t need the NBA Coach of the Year award. His work this season is a reflection of something bigger. https://ericjohnsonweb.com/quin-snyder-doesnt-need-the-nba-coach-of-the-year-award-his-work-this-season-is-a-reflection-of-something-bigger/ https://ericjohnsonweb.com/quin-snyder-doesnt-need-the-nba-coach-of-the-year-award-his-work-this-season-is-a-reflection-of-something-bigger/#respond Sat, 29 May 2021 13:01:07 +0000 https://ericjohnsonweb.com/quin-snyder-doesnt-need-the-nba-coach-of-the-year-award-his-work-this-season-is-a-reflection-of-something-bigger/

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Quin Snyder will not win the NBA Coach of the Year award.

Write it down now.

Not… it’s going to… happen.

Not much either. At least Snyder would never think so.

Even if he won the hard stuff, he would probably pass it off as someone else’s reward to be reaped, not his own.

This trophy often goes to a coach in a larger market who, in one season, lifts and dismisses a team that had previously swerved and a carom in a ditch, now bringing them back to some skill and relevance.

Snyder in 2021 did something more impressive, more difficult.

He put together a team that had been good and pushed them to greatness.

Good to good is more difficult than bad to good.

Think of it like this: a golfer who is an 18-year-old handicapper can easily, with a little effort and time and the proper instruction, drastically reduce his stroke average to, say, a 12- or a 10-. For a golfer who is, say, a 7-handicapper to get to scratch takes a frightening miracle.

This season’s Jazz has been that miracle, guided by a leader who has made all sorts of changes to his squad structure without adding much more talent, other than the welcome in a familiar face – the big backup Derrick Favors.

Other than that, Snyder boosted an identical group to what had been an unimaginable record. His team this season had a mild 0.722 winning percentage. Last season he was 0.611.

Same group, different results.

If the main job of a head coach is to make their players the best they can be, to put them in a position to do it, Snyder has done just that with the Jazz. During the regular season, he transformed an outfit that was supposed to finish what… fifth? … Sixth? … West in the team with the best record in the league (52-20).

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, given that it doesn’t just reflect Snyder’s coaching ability, it reflects his … life. His whole existence has been an adjustment, from top to bottom to top. No surprise, then, that he pretty much adjusted everything about his charges to make them better.

Let’s go back and start running.

Quin Snyder didn’t grow up in a perfect environment, just in a blessed place, a neighborhood called Dawn Villa near Seattle. He lived with his family on Mercer Island, Washington, which, if you’ve been there, you know, is a wealthy, tree-lined suburb full of gums and lollipops, a place to hang out. limousines and Lamborghinis. This is where the rich go to live and prosper in their mansions.

Snyder’s family weren’t too wealthy, his father was a deputy principal, but his reality was all of that. As a child he was a great athlete and a smart and popular student. A childhood friend of his, a young neighbor named Ryan Rosoff, who watched Snyder with a sense of awe, once told me that Snyder, when he was 12, used to organize whistling ball games in its front yard, with typed-up rules for participation. If a child broke these rules, they were kicked out of the game.

Everyone played by the rules because Snyder was by far the most gifted pre-teen in the bunch, and the youngsters from the houses on the streets all around followed him naturally, bringing out his mix of insight and athleticism.

Rosoff said at the time that Snyder was pretty much the same all those years ago that he is now: “Smart, good looking, a great athlete, humble. He was just… different.

If there is one thing that stands out about the Jazz coach, and it is certainly the case this season, it is that he is able to earn the confidence of his players, those stubborn multimillionaires, athletes of world class, who do not lend that confidence easily. It goes way beyond changing position on the floor for pick and roll in the middle of a game and / or pre-season stress of defending value, using it to enter the transition to throw. 3 pointers early in the shot clock. , this last part a substantial divergence from previous strategies. And yet, when he asks them to make personal adjustments to their individual games, sometimes at the cost of a significant sacrifice, they adhere to it, following his example.

He did it with the little players on the team, you know who they are, and with his stars, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell.

Rosoff, who continued into adulthood to form a company specializing in corporate leadership skills, explained Snyder’s presence and professionalism thus:

“It’s a lack of pretension. If people feel like you’re full of bullshit, they won’t follow you. People see Quin as a brilliant guy. When you are smart and successful, there are two ways you can go. You can become a pretentious D-bag or you can become a big influence on those around you. He deflects praise and accepts criticism. It protects the [players] who work for him. They can see that he has their best interests at heart. Plus, he’s really the smartest guy in the room.

The man has a law degree and an MBA from Duke. He was a philosophy student at the undergraduate level.

Snyder’s journey from academician and gifted athlete – he went on to become a McDonald’s All-American, winning state preparation titles before playing in three Final Fours at Duke – to full-time coach also had his points strengths and weaknesses. Its doodles and hollows.

After beating John Calipari and Bill Self to be named a very young Missouri head coach, he saw initial success, but was later marred by personal issues, including divorce and the loss of too many games, mixed up. to NCAA violations. , indiscretions that he could not overcome in Colombia.

He was either fired from that job, turning into a prolonged funk that made him consider retiring from coaching altogether. The years that followed were dark and gloomy. Snyder knew he could fall back on his graduate studies to be successful in another field.

But during this time, in the end, Snyder rediscovered something he wasn’t sure he had.

Passion for a game and an adventure he once embraced, and it turns out he always has.

“I realized I had something that I love to do,” he said on coming to Utah. “Work hard, learn, and I had a lot of people who helped me do it.”

That is, he fought back, took all kinds of assistant jobs from Los Angeles to Moscow, and coached a G League team – the Toros – in Austin, Texas, filled with players who had nowhere to go but upstairs, all in front. a whole bunch of empty seats.

There wasn’t a lot of glamor or fame in it.

Along the way, he found a path to his staples – determination and commitment to improve, and peace of mind – that took him from Timbuktu to, finally, Salt Lake City in 2014 as a Jazz head coach.

His teams here have adhered to his mantra of focusing on improvement, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. He’s fully aware that he’s judged by wins and losses, but that has never really been his focus.

“I believe people are absolutely committed to working hard to improve themselves,” he said. “Focusing on that is a key.”

This holistic approach is essential.

It’s not just about tactics, preparation, film study and strategy. It’s not just player development. A Jazz member who requested anonymity put it like this, “He empowers the people who work for him – the coaches – and play for him. It teaches them that everyone can keep improving, getting better and learning to be better. It is the purpose of life. It is not to win a game or a prize. “

Winning in life.

I get it, it’s starting to sound like some kind of tribute. The guy is not dying.

It’s not meant to be that, it’s meant to be the truth about a remarkable coach who was born in a privileged position, who saw more wins than most, and then crashed dramatically.

And then looked at his own problems, recognized them, learned from them, then worked like a madman not only to recover what had been lost, but to pull past it all to where it is now – on a slope he continues to climb, taking a team that won just 25 games the season before arriving in Utah to lead the outfit with the best record in the NBA, better than any previous jazz team. by Snyder.

Now deep in the neck in a playoff series with the Memphis Grizzles, does anyone think Quin Snyder is giving a rodent the background to win a Coaching Award determined by a media vote?


He’s too busy reducing his team’s handicap, shaving off the blows of his sleeves, working to get to zero, beating the course just ahead.

GORDON MONSON hosts “The Big Show” with Jake Scott weekdays from 2pm to 7pm on 97.5 FM and 1280 AM The Zone, which is owned by parent company that owns Utah Jazz.

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