What is it, why do people eat muffins

Don’t worry if your social media feeds are bombarded with “blue crap” clichés. It’s the latest viral challenge that has drawn people all over the world. And before you think that’s another unnecessary trend, this one can actually be beneficial. What is the #blupoopchallenge This is exactly what the name …

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Avalanche tries to keep rolling against the Blues

The Colorado Avalanche got off to a slow start in Game 1 of their first-round series against St. Louis, but Gabriel Landeskog did what a captain should do for his team. He gave them the spark. Landeskog let go of the gloves with Brayden Schenn midway through the first period …

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Copper and Blue Staff Playoff Predictor – Oilers vs Jets

The Oilers and Jets will (finally!) Start their streak against each other on Wednesday. Our resident experts have carefully determined, through crude statistical analysis and a high-quality tea leaf reading, the most likely outcome of this next best-of-seven series. The results were overwhelmingly unilateral. Shona: Oilers in 6. I think …

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