Blues – Eric Johnson Web Sat, 21 May 2022 06:58:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Blues – Eric Johnson Web 32 32 Peterborough Editorial: Summer and the outdoors are here to cure the pandemic blues Sat, 21 May 2022 04:17:48 +0000

Among the many unforeseen effects of COVID-19, people returning outdoors in surprising abundance were at or near the top of the welcome list.

When indoor entertainment venues closed over two years ago and overseas travel became taboo, people looked out the window and were reminded that leisure activities didn’t have to start and end. finish on a screen.

Bicycle sales are taking off. Camping reservations have exploded. Canoe trips had to be booked months in advance. Golf courses and tennis courts filled up. Just like the walking and hiking trails.

We’re reminded of all of this as summer arrives for its third pandemic season, kicked off by the May long weekend.

And for the first time since COVID hit, the Trent-Severn Waterway is open on time over the long weekend.

The TSW is not Peterborough’s, but that’s how it is. It stretches nearly 400 kilometers from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay through a number of communities that welcome the tourists it brings and use it as their own recreation area.

But Peterborough is the largest of those communities. And it’s the gateway to the Kawartha Lakes, the most scenic section of the waterway. And it’s home to the Lift Lock, a one-of-a-kind historical artifact and engineering feat that’s the route’s most recognized attraction.

Paddlers and boaters don’t really need the locking system. The annual opening is, however, a reminder that the water is there and waiting to be explored.

Put on Monaghan Road in Peterborough and head south and there is open water all the way to Hastings. From Lakefield Marina, head north to the open waters and scenic shoreline of Katchewanooka, Clear and Stoney Lakes with a single lock at scenic Burleigh Falls. Bridgenorth is the starting point that opens Chemong, Buckhorn and Pigeon lakes.

You are not a boater? Most of the same area can be enjoyed from the seat of a bicycle.

The PeterboRoutes cycling map offers eight fairly short and not too hilly routes that stay close to the city and immediate surroundings. First-timers can practice here before hitting the Peterborough and Kawarthas routes, well-marked rural routes on country roads and trails ranging from 45 to 100 kilometres.

Camping, whether you drive in and set up a tent or paddle to a site close to the wilderness, has become so popular over the past couple of summers that it’s been hard to find space. That’s less true now, especially if you can go mid-week.

The pandemic is easing, once again. Everyone is hoping that the predictions of a new wave in the fall will turn out to be wrong; there is no need to hope that interest in outdoor recreation will continue regardless – people can make it happen.

Late spring and early summer, once you get outside and look around, has a certain fall feel to it. The palette may be all green, but it ranges from almost bright yellow to forest that deepens, shifting from one scale to another as the leaves come out and then ripen.

The health benefits of being in nature – “forest bathing” has become a popular term – are well documented. The pandemic pushed many newbies into this healing environment for the first time and reminded others of what they were missing.

It would be a shame to turn around now. Summer is here. Keep heading outside, stay safe and enjoy the view.

]]> The St. Louis Blues were supposed to win that one, but the Colorado Avalanche defense stopped them Wed, 18 May 2022 19:00:00 +0000

For a myriad of reasons stemming from long breaks or unfamiliar game plans, Game 1 is usually identified as the one the team on the road is in the best position to steal. The adage that “a streak doesn’t begin until a home team loses a game” is generally true, and if the St. Louis Blues pulled a win out of their hat last night, there’s would have immense pressure on the Colorado Avalanche today. , as their final years of second-round playoff failures would become the focus of this series. Instead, the Avalanche picked up a win in a game they (almost) controlled from start to finish, and today St. Louis has to wonder if this was their best chance at winning a game. game in Denver.

The Corsi 5-on-5 chart reveals just how controlled Colorado was in this game after the first period as the Avs dominated the final forty minutes and counting, reaching a crescendo in overtime as they edged the Blues by a staggering number of 13-0.

You can dig into the Natural Stat Trick archives and find countless lopsided games this year that looked like this where the Avalanche comfortably won. Luck last night was definitely on the side of Saint-Louis. From our seats at the end where all the bases were scored, my friend and I scored 5 hits for the Avs, not to mention Erik Johnson’s missed golden opportunity in a wide-open net when the puck rolled on him and Blues goalkeeper Jordan Binnington just had his arm outstretched on the weak shot.

This game could very easily have ended 8-2.

Plus, while Ryan O’Reilly’s series opener was the result of hard work from the Blues and poor turnover from Cale Makar, he was immensely lucky to having the ping pong puck from O’Reilly’s leg to Brayden Schenn’s leg before landing perfectly. past O’Reilly who did a great job of fixing the problem, then covered a beauty to down the Avs 1-0 early.

If St. Louis can’t win a game where Colorado beat Binnington eight times while scoring just three goals, you can’t help but wonder what it will take to steal a game from a building where the Avs are. gone 54-9-6 in the regular season the past two years.

Avalanche Defenders Shine

Evan detailed the dramatic shift at the back before this series, and the opener proved it prophetic. The Blues were kicked out of the building at 5-5 primarily because the Avalanche defensive corps took control in Game 1, with Sam Girard and Josh Manson scoring game-breaking and game-winning goals, respectively. Aside from a first period where the Blues won a few lunge runs and got their sticks on angled pucks, the vast majority of their 5-on-5 shot attempts were limited to corners or bad angles. The outline of all unblocked shots from last night reveals the dramatic difference between the two teams in Game 1, as the Avs heatmap engulfs virtually the entire offensive zone, while the Blues were mostly forced into shots at low percentage hoping for a lucky bounce. .

On the attacking side, the backline was the driving force behind last night’s tremendous 5-on-5 performance, as Cale Makar, Devon Toews, Samuel Girard and Josh Manson all finished around 1.5 goals expected, with Both Eric Johnson and Bowen Byram. landing around 0.8 goals expected, while Makar’s 1.6 lead the team. Comparing that to St. Louis puts their dominance in stark contrast, as the Blues with the highest expected goal tally last night was Colton Parayko at 0.68, with Ryan O’Reilly being his only other team-mate to finish higher than 0.5.

If every game this round feels like last night 5-on-5 and the Avs can stay out of the box to hold off dangerous St. Louis special teams, the Blues have no chance of winning this. series. They got almost all the breaks they could have hoped for between 51 saves from Binnington, several Avs posts and the Blues’ first goal bouncing off two legs before landing in the perfect spot, and it still wasn’t enough. to achieve a victory. Despite all the hope that this year would be different with a healthier and deeper Blues squad, Game 1 looked a lot like last year’s four-game sweep.

The ‘real significant change’ in Carlton’s style of play that allows the Blues to play better football Mon, 16 May 2022 02:06:58 +0000

Carlton cemented their place in the top four after Sunday’s win over Greater Western Sydney and Michael Voss’ troops are looking more and more like the real deal.

The Blues have now won their last three games on the trot to take their tally to seven in the first nine rounds.

However, their triumph against GWS was one of the club’s best of the season. Carlton entered the clash as an underdog, having lost key forward Harry McKay during the week and faced a fiery Giants side looking to dispatch Leon Cameron in style.

But the Blues exploded out of the blocks with the game’s first four goals and crumbled in the final term to kick Majors five to one.

Voss said the club were looking to focus on the process but described Sunday’s game as a “meaningful” win.

“We spent a tremendous amount of time figuring out that how we want to do it is probably even more important than the wins,” he said.

“So we managed to stay in that space and I think we had a pretty measured approach week to week. Whether we won or lost, we tried to keep the environment really consistent.

“But also, you need flags in the ground, you need reference points to be able to build on, and that’s why I guess yesterday was important.

“There were things going on around us that we had to take into consideration, but the way we handled it and the importance of the win made it a really great day.”

The clash at Giants Stadium looked set to follow a similar trend to the start of the season, but Carlton’s dominance in the final quarter proved that processes were improving at Ikon Park.

Voss’ men desperately came close to losing games against Hawthorn and Port Adelaide in Round 3 and 5 respectively, despite holding big leads earlier in the game as they crumbled in the second half.

However, Voss did a lot of work to address this issue, and the results were evident in Round 9.

“We built,” he said.

“I think the difference between the start of the year and even the last three weeks is that we’ve been able to replicate our intensity and stay on task much longer.

“At the start of the year, our best was clearly significant and I walked away from every game (saying), ‘just stick with it a lot longer and stick to our method and our system. ‘.

“Our method of fighting was pretty consistent and that was a point of difference for us, but we were breaking our system on both sides of the ball, both offensively and defensively, we just couldn’t hold it long enough.

“There has been a real significant change in the last two or three weeks. So when you start to get a bit more solid, it always gives you a much better chance against the top teams.

Despite the strong record, the Blues have only faced two top-eight teams (beating Richmond and losing to Fremantle) and will face their next big challenge against Sydney in Round 10.

Evertonians recreate goals with blues heroes Sat, 14 May 2022 09:06:40 +0000

Socios have invited three supporters to Finch Farm to join Richarlison, Demarai Gray and Lewis Dobbin in trying to recreate Everton’s famous goals.

Through their app, Socios asked $EFC Fan Token holders what goals they would like to see players recreate, with Leon Osman’s 2013/14 strike against Manchester City leading the way.

By voting in the poll, Andrew Jackson won the opportunity to join his Blues heroes at the Blues training complex to recreate Osman’s famous effort.

Watch the video below to see how Andrew, his friends Adam and Liam and the players fared under the watchful eye of Osman himself.

The opportunity to join players was another reward offered to $EFC Fan Token holders through Socios.

Throughout the season, token holders have had the opportunity to enjoy game day hospitality, participate in a virtual Q&A with the players, and watch the team practice.

To find out more about $EFC Fan Tokens and win tickets to our match against Crystal Palace, visit:

$EFC Fan Tokens are a form of cryptoasset. To acquire Fan Tokens, you need to download the app, buy the cryptocurrency, Chiliz ($CHZ.), and exchange it for $EFC Fan Tokens. Please note that (a) the value of crypto-assets is variable and can go down as well as up; (b) crypto-assets are not regulated in the UK; and (c) CGT may be due on any profit made on the sale of crypto-assets. For full terms, visit

Full Season Blues: Phillies vs Dodgers Series Preview Thu, 12 May 2022 15:39:25 +0000

This preview is going to talk about the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t won a World Series in a full 162-game season since 1988, a span of 31 seasons. If this fact bothers you, then I suggest you stop reading right away. (Am I saying this because Dodgers fans have shown a tendency to be easily triggered by such talk? Yes, I am.)

After a successful series in Seattle, the Phillies stay west (but much further south) to face the Dodgers. The Dodgers have been very good in the regular season over the past few years. They seem to be still very good this season. But that doesn’t mean we should concede the series. After all, the Dodgers just lost a series against a much inferior opponent, and the player who is apparently the Phillies’ offensive kingpin has started to warm up.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Record: 20-9 (First place in the National League West)

The last time they met

The Dodgers came to Philadelphia for a three-game series last August and won the first two games. The Phillies won the final with a scoreless 4.2 innings from the bullpen and a Bryce Harper home run.

What’s wrong with the Dodgers?

The Dodgers got off to a good start as usual. They have the best record in the National League, but winning in the regular season has never been the Dodgers’ problem.

It should be noted that winning in the regular season was a problem when they faced the Pittsburgh Pirates this week. The Dodgers lost two of three to the Pirates 13-17.

Who’s cold?

Justin Turner has played in two All-Star Games in his career, including last year. But it doesn’t look like he’s going to make a return trip this season. He’s batting .200 this season, and after hitting 27 home runs in 2021, he’s only hit one in 2021.

About that World Series thing

The MLB record books say the Dodgers were the 2020 World Series champions. If Dodgers fans want to celebrate that accomplishment, good for them. If the Phillies had won the 2020 World Series, I’d probably be wearing all kinds of championship merchandise right now.

But as we know, the 2020 season has not been normal. Instead of going through a 162 grind, teams only had to play 60 regular season games and then the playoff field was all wacky because they were letting in a lot more teams than they were letting in. normally do. Is it the same as winning the World Series in a regular year?

The Dodgers could have ended any “fluke” championship talk by winning any other season besides 2020. For example, in 2021 they made the playoffs as a Wild Card team before retire in the NLCS against the Atlanta Braves. The brave ! A team that had probably been even worse than the Dodgers when it came to losing in the playoffs.

Every year the Dodgers throw a lot of money at this problem, and every year they still fail. Mookie Betts didn’t fix the issue, and the trade for Trea Turner and Max Scherzer didn’t result in a ring either. I guess the current hope is that Freddie Freeman will be the missing piece?

On the rise?

The Phillies won a series for only the third time this season when they took two of three from the Mariners (and if it hadn’t been for bad luck, they could have swept). Can the Phillies maintain this success against the team with the best record in the NL?

Momentum in baseball is notoriously finicky, and a hot streak can quickly come to an end against a good opposing pitching staff. Unfortunately, the Dodgers have a very good pitching staff. The Phillies are scheduled to face the following starters over the next four days: Tyler Anderson (current ERA of 2.78), Clayton Kershaw (1.80), Walker Buehler (1.96) and Julio Urias (2.10). I’m not going to lie to you: it’s been a tough week of clashes.

On the bright side, Rhys Hoskins seems to be on one of his hot streaks. In the past, when Hoskins gets hot, it doesn’t matter who he faces. Basically, those hot streaks gave the Phillies offense a huge boost. Considering the Phillies have spent a lot of money bringing in guys like Byrce Harper, Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos, the offense shouldn’t depend on Hoskins, but it is.


Answer from the last series: The two future Phillies to play against the Phillies for the Mariners were Jean Segura and Nick Vincent. Segura was easy, but no one was able to name the immortal Vincent.

The question of this series: Since the start of the 2012 season, which Phillie has accumulated the most hits at Dodger Stadium?

Thought no phillies

Joel Embiid is undeniably a great player and should have been the NBA MVP. But it seems like every playoff he’s played in, there’s been at least one game where he looks miserable, plays poorly, and as a result, the team sleepwalks through a brutal loss.

Maybe he was pouting for not winning the MVP title, or maybe all the injuries he suffered were too many, but Tuesday’s loss was ugly. And if you want to blame injuries, the sad truth is that Embiid is injured every year in the playoffs.

The Sixers changed coaches, got a new secondary star and handed over nearly every supporting cast. While I fully recognize that building this supporting cast has been an imperfect process, Embiid as the showpiece has been the constant in all failures to qualify for the Conference Finals.

Keep in mind that this is not a call to get rid of Embiid. Getting rid of a top five player isn’t usually a path to NBA success. But if they lose again in the second round, you have to wonder if a team led by Embiid simply has a cap.

Final Thought

With the Sixers’ season in danger of ending this week, the Phillies could do a lot to get the city’s attention by winning a series against the Dodgers. Los Angeles hasn’t proven to be very hospitable to the Phillies in recent years (6-15 at Dodger Stadium since 2015), but perhaps a streak against a great pitching staff will cause the Phillies offense to step up. things and start producing races like we planned at the start of the season.

NSW Blues suitors to fill voids in Latrell Mitchell, Cameron Murray and Ryan Papenhuyzen, selection Tue, 10 May 2022 10:08:00 +0000

Injuries to NSW stars Latrell Mitchell and Cameron Murray as well as Ryan Papenhuyzen have thrown the Blues’ preparations into chaos, but who are the contenders to fill key voids in the squad?

Speaking on NRL 360, Braith Anasta, Paul Kent, Dave Riccio and Paul Crawley discussed potential replacements for centre, second row and utility roles in light of injuries to the starting stars and Papenhuyzen, who have already done so. part of the team.

“There are Blues injury headaches with Cameron Murray in doubt, Latrell Mitchell and Ryan Papenhuyzen out for the opener,” Anasta said on NRL 360.

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“Let’s take a look at the contenders.


Players: Angus Crichton, Keaon Koloamatangi, Liam Martin, Tariq Sims


Crawley thinks the Blues are spoiled for choice in the second line department, although Murray is potentially a massive takedown.

“I think they’re good contenders,” Crawley said.

“If you miss Cameron Murray he’s a great out, but Liam Martin is a fantastic player. Tariq Sims was fantastic on the show last year. Crichton has been there before and young Koloamatangi is a gun too. They have a lot good options.

Riccio thinks he’d go for a mix of starters and the Panthers combinations that helped them win a title and last year’s Origin Series.

“It was Sims and Murray who played the last game for the Blues,” Riccio said.

“I see Liam Martin as the obvious solution because he has the combinations with the Penrith players. I would go to Sims and Martin.

Anasta thinks Sims was a great servant for NSW last year and wondered if the Blues would stick with it given their success in recent years.

“The Sims did a great job last year,” Anasta said.

“I know he’s had indifferent form this year, but do you pick and stick or not?”

Kent pointed out the Blues don’t have a great record for getting the pick and stick decision at the original moment.


TEAM ANALYSIS: Holbrook swings the axe, Bellamy gets creative as Burbo fills the spot

RD10 TEAMS: Broncos, Knights welcome big guns, Sharks fill suspension gaps

‘WITHOUT WARNING’: A brutal pre-season camp that sparked a rise no one saw coming

RESERVES WRAPPING: Hatched Star-Eyed NRL Return; Roosters dig up deadly Fijian flier

Tariq Sims was huge for the Blues last year.Source: Supplied

“That’s what stresses NSW,” Kent said.

“Do we pick and stick? They have done this in the past and it has backfired year after year.

“Other times when they changed it backfired again. They don’t have a very good hitting record there.

Riccio pointed out that the Blues don’t have the luxury of picking starting players who are in in-form squads like they have under Brad Fittler in the past.

“In previous seasons, the players they chose were from successful clubs,” Riccio said.

“Daniel Saifiti is in trouble. I feel like they will turn to loyalty and go with a struggling player in Daniel Saifiti.

“Tariq Sims at the Saints has been inconsistent. Jake Trbojevic and Manly aren’t playing their best football. Loyalty will therefore play a role.

“I think Angus Crichton finds a place on the bench because they like the fact that he can play in the middle and on the edge. So Martin and Sims would be the edge.

Kent agreed Fittler would likely stay loyal and had no doubts that Jake Trbojevic would join his brother Tom in the squad.

“I would still choose him (Trbojevic) any day of the week,” Kent said.

“I think Freddy for the first game will be faithful. For Game 1, as best he can, he’ll closely resemble the players who won last year’s series.

Anasta pointed out that Sharks star Siosifa Talakai could be another option in the back row, given his versatility.

“You could also play second-tier Siosifa Talakai,” Anasta said.

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Liam Martin was part of a large Panthers contingent in 2021.Source: Getty Images


Players: Matt Burton, Stephen Crichton, Campbell Graham, Kotoni Staggs, Siosifa Talakai.


Like the back row, Crawley feels the Blues are flush with center options, but has backed current Bulldogs five-eighth Matt Burton to replace Latrell Mitchell.

“Take your pick, but I’d go Matt Burton,” Crawley said.

“He’s been good for the Bulldogs and he was the Dally M Center of the Year last year.”

Riccio believes picking Stephen Crichton would give the Blues the luxury of a side of the pitch made up entirely of Panthers.

“I would go Crichton,” Riccio said.

“I’m a Crichton man. Again I would go with the Penrith suit.

“I think they could almost stack this whole team with Jarome Luai, Liam Martin, Stephen Crichton and Brian To’o.

“You enter an Origin game with a short preparation. The chemistry is high. You have fluidity and you hardly have to look twice from that side of the pitch.

Stephen Crichton is the favorite to replace Latrell Mitchell.Source: News Corp Australia

Kent thinks Crichton is the favorite, but conceded Broncos star Kotoni Staggs is an up-and-coming Origin player.

“I thought a few weeks ago it would be Crichton if Latrell was out,” Kent said.

“I see no reason to change that. I think Crichton is an almighty talent.

“Staggs is the other. I know he plays on the other side, but you could tip Tom Trbojevic. He is so impressive.

Anasta agreed the Panthers center would get the nod, but thinks Staggs wrote Origin all over him.

“I think Crichton,” Anasta said.

“They have a luxury of riches there. You can choose any of them.

“But Staggs looks like an Origin player any day of the week. I would like to see him play. »

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Players: Nicho Hynes, Jack Wighton


Riccio believes Raiders star Jack Wighton has the edge over Sharks halfback Nicho Hynes given his versatility and kicking game.

“I think they’re sticking with Wighton, really,” Riccio said.

“I think he can fill more positions than Nicho Hynes can. We know Hynes’ versatility, but pick a number and Jack can play the position.

“He also has a booming kick. In Origin, if you get in trouble, he can just get you out of there.

Kent believes the Blues will stick with it, but conceded Hynes offers more variety in his kicking game.

“I think Hynes’ kicking game is a little smarter,” Kent said.

“He has a little more subtlety and variety in his kick.

Jack Wighton was backed to retain his utility spot.Source: Getty Images

“But I still think they will go with Wighton. I think it will be a matter of loyalty.

Anasta backed Wighton to get the nod given his history with Team NSW, while conceding Hynes also has great versatility.

“They want someone who covers the outside halves and backs, which Wighton and Hynes do,” Anasta said.

“If they’re loyal and want to have that NSW pride and they won the series last year, it’s probably Sims and Wighton doing it again, which I think they would go with.

“Freddy and Brandy have been very prone to that over the past few seasons, so I think that’s what’s going to happen.”

However, Crawley would go with the in-form Hynes, given what he has produced with the Sharks this season.

“I would go Hynes for now, but fair,” Crawley said.

Man City vs Newcastle highlights and reaction as Sterling, Laporte, Rodri and Foden send Blues ahead Sun, 08 May 2022 18:11:15 +0000

Manchester City opened a three-point gap over Liverpool in the Premier League after finding their way to victory against Newcastle today.

City suffered a heartbreaking Champions League exit against Real Madrid on Wednesday but received a Premier League boost on Saturday when Liverpool could only draw with Tottenham. Liverpool were ahead of City in the table by a goal on goal difference, having played one game more, so City knew they could move three points ahead and try to improve their goal difference this post- noon.

Pep Guardiola was again without Kyle Walker and John Stones for this game. Walker limped off at Madrid and had an ice pack around his ankle, while Stones traveled but wasn’t fit enough to make the squad. Ruben Dias was substituted at half-time with an apparent injury.

On the pitch, however, City gave themselves a huge boost with a big win that gave them a three-point lead and a four-goal advantage on goal difference over Liverpool. Raheem Sterling opened the scoring, before Aymeric Laporte headed home. Rodri scored a third after the break and two late, but the brilliance of a good result as Phil Foden and Sterling fired to make it five.

Follow below for pre-match preparation, live match updates and post-match reaction from the Etihad.

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FT – City 5-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Triple Wound Blow

It’s not good.

FT – City 5-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Report: City overturn Liverpool’s goal advantage

FT – City 5-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Pep: Everyone supports Liverpool

Guardiola with some catchy comments here about everyone in England wanting Liverpool to win the title.

FT – City 5-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Guardiola proud of the players

Speaking to Sky Sports, Guardiola said:

“Everything, exceptional and difficult long balls with Wood, Joelinton, the rhythm that they have. Perfect afternoon.

“What this team did, did you have any doubt [of their attitude]? I didn’t doubt it, absolutely not. We have matches every third game, sometimes action you can take out of a competition. Some doubt because they do not know this team yet. Neither win nor lose. How many years of being there every three days all the time. After ex-players talk about lack of character and personality. Not even play football, they don’t understand. One of the best groups I’ve ever coached in my life.”

“We had two difficult days, today we spoke for the first time, I said to have a perfect life in the perfect club. Our fans, when they are disappointed, do not behave as if they come here from day one in warm-ups and cheers They haven’t doubted us for many years Three points ahead, nine points to play, 4 goals clear on goal difference Another last Wednesday, another team from which we have suffered a lot in recent years since Nuno took over and now Bruno.”

On goal difference:

“We talk about it at half time. The important thing is to win, don’t play to score, play to play football. But when you have the chance to do so. They have a chance at 3-0, after having scored two goals. That’s a big difference.”

FT – City 5-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Guardiola confirms Dias injury

And that doesn’t sound too good on Nathan Ake or Aymeric Laporte.

FT – City 5-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

The City’s Emotional Week Explained

Rodri and Jack Grealish spoke about City’s response to Real Madrid’s defeat.

Speaking to Sky, Rodri said:

“We show the personality we have after the defeat. Unbelievable for us, football is like that, we have to wake up. You have two titles to fight, you have to stay focused on the PL. We announce 1pt, now 3pt. We We have to keep thinking the same way. We lost in Madrid because football is like that. The personality we showed today after what happened was incredible.

“Emotional, it’s a vital victory. For us, the mood was not very high as you can see. Now we are lit from Friday, we wake up, we focus on the game. We We did an amazing job. That’s what champions do.”

Greish added:

“We knew it would be a pressure on us today, especially after what happened in the middle of the week. We have bounced back perfectly, stuck together as a team over the past few days, which was necessary. We have to try to finish strong season and we did that today.”

FT – City 5-0 NewcastleTHE IMPORTANT EVENT

Player ratings as De Bruyne are incredible

Ederson Pass of the game to Foden, then a good save from Wilson – 7

Joao Cancelo Ghostly presence at the far post every time City attacked – could have had three but settled for an assist for Sterling – 7

Ruben Dias Looked wide open at first but tightened it at a price as he was sent off at half time – 6

Aymeric Laporte A few mistakes early on, but made up for that with the vital second goal – 7

Oleks Zinchenko Great job on overlap and construction – has been great lately – 8

Read the full reviews here.

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne controls the ball against Newcastle (Image: Chris Brunskill/Fantasista)

FT – City 5-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Rate the players

Lots of good performances there – how do you rate the players?

This widget requires javascript to work.

Rate the players

City of Man5


Premier League, Sunday 8 2022

FT – City 5-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Full time!

What a victory!

City are three points clear and have a superior goal difference to Liverpool. How things change in a few days.

90+2′ – City 5-0 NewcastleTHE IMPORTANT EVENT

There is the fifth!!

It’s time!

Phil Foden does brilliantly, Jack Grealish has an assist and Raheem Sterling dispatches City in a five-goal win. It could be huge.

90′ – City 4-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Two minutes added

Time for another?

89′ – City 4-0 NewcastleTHE IMPORTANT EVENT

Foden adds a fourth

Jack Grealish skins Keiran Tripper, feeds Aleks Zinchenko. The shot is not clean, but it is straight in the trajectory of Phil Foden, who deviates in fourth.

88′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Good defender Egan-Riley

CJ Egan-Riley’s first task is to hold Guimaraes close to his own goal and stay out of trouble.

His ball to Raheem Sterling tries to foul Matt Targett and the defender is cautioned.

86′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Laporte replaced

Another central defender leaves. Egan-Riley is sure, he can play full-back as well as right-back.

85′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

CJ Egan-Riley arrives

The U23 captain will get another first-team outing in the knockout stages.

82′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Game management

The pace has slowed as City look to keep their three-goal lead intact. They have now scored more than Liverpool and have a better goal difference. Letting Newcastle back in there could have implications in the title race.

Callum Wilson comes out of nowhere in the one-on-one, but Ederson is vigilant to save well and hold that three-goal lead.

79′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Another change at Newcastle

Jacob Murphy replaces the ineffective Miguel Almiron.

74′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

I messed up a bit

Everything has become a bit disjointed here, with fouls that have crept into the game. Kevin De Bruyne prevents Allan Saint-Maximin from escaping and accepts his yellow card.

72′ – City 3-0 NewcastleSimon Bajkowski

Newcastle players look beaten

The spirit is still there from the Newcastle fans, but their players seem to be very happy that this game is over now. City push forward in search of more goals and look more than capable of at least one more.

Newcastle United’s Jamaal Lascelles vies with Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling (Photo: AFP/Getty)

69′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

reserved burn

Lots of postures before a City corner which was delayed three times with various closes. Dan Burn receives a yellow card for bringing down Aymeric Laporte, but the ball was not in play so no penalty.

68′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Double change at Newcastle

Emil Krafth and Chris Wood are gone. Keiran Trippier and Callum Wilson return from injury and replace them.

67′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

What savings!

Jack Grealish places the ball in the path of Aleks Zinchenko. The left-back steps into it, and it takes a brilliant save from Martin Dubravka to tip the bar.

65′ – City 3-0 NewcastleTHE IMPORTANT EVENT

Look at Rodri’s head

He has been a goalscorer lately.

62′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Jesus replaced

It’s Gabriel Jesus who comes out, he didn’t stop running the whole match.

Foden is activated.

61′ – City 3-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Foden arrives

The last thing Newcastle will want to see.

60′ – City 3-0 NewcastleTHE IMPORTANT EVENT

Rodri scores again!

De Bruyne with the corner, Rodri’s run to the near post is perfect, and he nods for another goal.

58′ – City 2-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

Very wide for Newcastle

Allan Saint-Maximin uses his strength to create a shooting opportunity, but drags it wide.

56′ – City 2-0 NewcastleSimon Bajkowski

The city under control

Newcastle have been unable to get the ball from City so far in this half, meaning the defensive insecurities the home side displayed in the first half have yet to go away. manifested.

Both teams are still looking for a goal, only one of them has to manage without any ball.

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne controls the ball against Newcastle (Image: Chris Brunskill/Fantasista)

52′ – City 2-0 NewcastleJoe Bray

99 percent

Sky Sports have just shown a graph showing City had 99 per cent of possession in the first seven minutes of that second half. Wow.

48′ – City 2-0 NewcastleSimon Bajkowski

No chance taken

Fernandinho came on for Dias at half-time, and Phil Foden, Bernardo Silva and Riyad Mahrez all warmed up at the start of the second half. Guardiola clearly takes nothing to chance despite the scoreline.

Chelsea news: Wolves boss Bruno Lage to miss Blues clash and Koulibaly linked with summer move Sat, 07 May 2022 03:00:00 +0000

Here is your Chelsea summary for Saturday, May 7.

Chelsea linked with Koulibaly

Chelsea have been mooted as a possible destination for Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly. The Blues are expected to be on the hunt for defensive reinforcements this summer with Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rudiger out of contract next month.

According to a report by Napoli area, Koulibaly’s agent Fali Ramadani is confident he can arrange a move to England as his client still has a year left on his contract. The Serie A outfit are believed to be ready to sell in order to prevent him leaving on a free transfer next summer.

Napoli are rumored to want around €35m (£30m) to sign the 30-year-old. However, they haven’t ruled out the possibility of linking him to a new deal which would see him stay at Napoli for the rest of his career.

READ MORE: Chelsea must remain patient with next Diego Costa as Premier League reality becomes clear

The Blues hope to repeat Rudiger’s trick

Chelsea are expected to be in the market for a new defender this summer with Antonio Rudiger leaving for Real Madrid and Andreas Christensen likely to leave for Barcelona.

Several names have been linked across Europe as Chelsea scramble to find an immediate replacement for the talismanic Rudiger, who was arguably the club’s player of the season.

A new name that has come to the fore is Torino Gleison Bremer, the 25-year-old Brazilian defender who is currently plying his trade in Serie A with the 10th-placed side.

Read the full story here.

The wolves blow before the shock of the Blues

Wolves manager Bruno Lage will miss Saturday’s trip to Chelsea after testing positive for Covid-19. The West Midlands side confirmed the deal ahead of their pre-match press conference, with a swipe at the Blues’ opponents.

Chelsea currently sit in third place with just four Premier League games to go. It would take a big change for Thomas Tuchel’s men to miss out on a Champions League place next season, but after last weekend’s loss to relegation-threatened Everton, he won’t take anything for granted.

But the Blues are not without problems. Ahead of the clash, it was confirmed that Jorginho, N’Golo Kante, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ben Chilwell were all set to miss out through injury. Blows will be a particular concern with the FA Cup final clash with Liverpool a bit more. a week in a row.

Read the full story here.

]]> Guitarist JP Soars among record number of South Florida nominees – Sun Sentinel Wed, 04 May 2022 22:10:59 +0000

The 43rd annual Blues Music Awards will take place in Memphis on Thursday, May 5, with a record number of nominations for artists from South Florida.

Among the most decorated is Boca Raton’s JP Soars, one of five artists in the running for the most prestigious award: BB King Entertainer of the Year. He is also up for Group of the Year as JP Soars & the Red Hots, and for Best Guitarist.

Of the 25 BMA categories, sponsored by the nonprofit Blues Foundation, artists from South Florida are nominated in five. Also among the nominees are Albert Castiglia of Wilton Manors for Best Blues-Rock Artist, and Fort Lauderdale singer Kat Riggins for Female Soul-Blues Artist of the Year.

Riggins’ most recent album is 2020’s powerful and social justice-infused “Cry Out”, the singer’s first release on an international tour for Gulf Coast Records.

Castiglia won the BMA for Best Blues-Rock Album with his Gulf Coast Records release “Masterpiece” in 2019, and is set to be a force at the 2023 BMAs with his new record, “I Got Love.” The album debuted in March to critical acclaim and reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Top American Blues Albums chart.

“I’ve been physically going to the awards since 2000 and we’ve never had so many [nominations]says Dar Lopez, a longtime observer of the South Florida blues scene and radio host. “He says we’re doing it well. We have a lot of talent here. »

This weekend also includes the 37th annual International Blues Challenge, a competition between bands and solo artists nominated by local blues organizations across the country. The South Florida Blues Society nominees are the Betty Padgett Band and guitarist-vocalist Joel DaSilva.

Many artists end up being nominated for a BMA after submitting a new album to the Blues Foundation for consideration. Soars had no new music to submit, so his nominations came out of the blue. He learned the news when friends started texting him.

“Man, it came as a complete and utter shock and surprise. I hadn’t released a CD, so it wasn’t even in my head,” Soars says, hours before the band’s flight to Memphis on Wednesday.

Soars says the nominations show perseverance, with the help of the pandemic.

“When other states were shut down, we were able to stay busy, work our butts off. That helped. Just be persistent. People were like, ‘Hey, these guys work hard,’ and someone did. noticed,” Soars says.

Not the merit of being good musicians?

“I’m proud to let the music speak for itself. But there are a lot of good musicians there, awesome the musicians. There is much more to do than be good. That’s what I realized,” he says.

Meanwhile, Soars is gearing up to record a new album, and he expects music for another new project with vocalist Annika Chambers and guitarist Paul DesLauriers to be released later this year on the VizzTone label.

Southern Hospitality, side project by Soars with Victor Wainwright and Damon Fowler (another BMA nominee), has a few festival dates planned and will be hitting the studio soon to record an album, he says.

Understanding why a tropical location like South Florida can produce a quality blues scene takes a history lesson, according to Lopez, host of longtime radio show, “The Sunday Blues With Dar” (currently on “a little break”, with program archives available on

Many of the artists working today, she says, are the metaphorical children of iconic music promoter Don Cohen, who opened the legendary Musicians Exchange in 1976 and the South Florida Blues Festival in the club’s parking lot in 1987, with Buddy Guy as the headliner. Cohen died in 2007.

Beginning in the mid-1990s, Cohen’s Riverwalk Blues & Music Festival drew talent and tourists from around the country for three days of blues on the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It was within this scene that Castiglia met Chicago blues great Junior Wells, later joining Wells’ band on the road.

“These tours have had such an impact on local musicians. That’s when our blues scene erupted,” Lopez says.

JP Soars & the Red Hots will perform next at 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 15 at Rudy’s ad21 S. J St., Lake Worth, and 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 21, at awesome cookie, 303 SE Mizner Blvd., Boca Raton. To visit Castiglia’s next local show will be at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 14 at awesome cookie. To visit Riggins is on tour in Europe. To visit

Staff writer Ben Crandell can be reached at

Ten Alligator Artists Receive 16 Living Blues Award Nominations Mon, 02 May 2022 21:43:37 +0000

Living Blues magazine, in its May 2022 issue, announced the nominees for the 2021 Living Blues Readers’ Poll Awards. This year, ten Alligator the artists received a total of 16 nominations. Leading all artists with four nominations is Grammy-winning guitarist/singer/songwriter Christone “Kingfish” Ingram. He is nominated for Blues Artist of the Year (Male), Best Live Performer, Most Outstanding Musician – Guitar, and Best Blues Album for 662. Award-winning singer Shemekia Copeland received nominations for the Blues Artist of the Year (Female), Most Outstanding Blues Singer and Best Live Performer. West Coast guitarist/singer/songwriter Chris Cain received nominations for Blues Artist of the Year (Male) and Best Blues Album for Raisin’ Cain.

Lap-steel guitarist/master Selwyn Birchwood, southern blues rocker Tinsley Ellis, roots rock guitarist Tommy Castro, Texas pianist/vocalist Marcia Ball, and harmonica masters Charlie Musselwhite, Rick Estrin, and Billy Branch each received a nomination.

Living Blues fans can vote at by June 15, 2022. The alligator artists and their nominations follow:

Blues Artist of the Year (Male)
Best Blues Album: 662
Best Live Performer
Most Outstanding Musician – Guitar

Blues Artist of the Year (Female)
Best Blues Singer
Best Live Performer

Blues Artist of the Year (Male)
Best Blues Album: Raisin’ Cain

Blues Artist of the Year (Male)

Most Outstanding Musician – Guitar

Best Blues Album: Living In A Burning House

Most Outstanding Musician – Keyboards

Most Outstanding Musician – Harmonica

Most Outstanding Musician – Harmonica