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By MICHELLE AMOUR | Editor-in-chief

PELHAM – People with specific allergies will be able to participate in the worry-free Halloween festivities this year. Delta Blues in Pelham is having a “Carn-Evil Fest” on Halloween night that features everyone’s favorite carnival junk foods without the top eight allergies.

Pelham resident Fawn Freis owns Delta Blues with her husband. Freis has celiac disease, and she said that as a junk food lover, missing out on her favorite treats at the concession stand has always been a disappointment.

“When we go to the fair or the football game or whatever, I can’t eat anything,” she said. “You miss the dumbest stuff. You would think you would miss high quality food, but you really miss being able to eat junk food.

Freis was aware that there were other people with different severe allergies who were feeling her pain, and she wanted to do something special so that everyone could enjoy the Halloween treats.

“I wanted to do a concession stand themed day where you know if you have a peanut allergy, tree allergy, or egg allergy, you can come and enjoy the food you lack and be safe,” she declared.

The menu will include everyone’s favorite junk foods like corndogs, chicken fillets, and even sausage with peppers and onions. All menu items will be free from major food allergies and will be prepared separately to avoid cross contamination.

“We’re going to have four trick-or-treat stations with little games like dice games and ring toss games,” Freis said. “I have pumpkin eggs that the kids can dig and try to find. Each station will have candy free from the eight major allergies.

Originally located at 5 Points South, Delta Blues has always offered a safe menu for people with specific food allergies.

“This is the first event that we have, but we are still free of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and apart from a cake made on site, we are also free of soy and eggs,” Freis said. . “The only allergens we have here are dairy, shellfish and fish, but we have dedicated fryers so nothing is cross-contaminated. We have vegan items that are cooked in the vegan fryer and all chicken is used in its own fryer. Cross-contamination is huge and unfortunately few places understand it. “

In 2020, Fawn and her husband moved Delta Blues to Pelham and they loved the new restaurant space.

“We live in Pelham so when we looked around we found this place and we were like, ‘Oh, hey, this is awesome,’” Freis said.

Freis said they always wanted to do something fun with the restaurant for Halloween, but conditions continued to prove difficult.

“When we were at 5 points, I had two bars next to me, and I wasn’t sure how parents would feel reducing their kids to 5 points for candy,” she said with a laugh. “We tried to do it last year, but my husband and I both had COVID, so we had to cancel. “

Freis said they hope to have a large turnout and that the Carn-Evil Fest will be suitable for families of all ages.

“We just want people to come and have fun,” she said.

The Delta Blues Carn-Evil Fest will be held on October 31, Halloween, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, visit the Delta Blues Facebook page.

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and MiResource Partner to Connect Kansans with the Right Mental Health Care Tue, 19 Oct 2021 13:00:00 +0000

COVID-19 pandemic highlights need for better access to behavioral health care

Posted: October 19, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. CDT|Update: 1 hour ago

SAN FRANCISCO, October 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Blue Cross and Blue Shield Kansas (BCBSKS) and MiResource announced that they have launched a free resource, MiResource to help guide Kansans through the process of finding and connecting with the right mental health care.


“With the demand for mental health services skyrocketing during the pandemic, many Kansans are seeking mental health care for the first time. Deciding that you are ready to find help is an important first step, but the process can be time consuming and difficult ”mentioned Matt all, President / CEO of BCBSKS. “MiResource is helping solve this problem so that all Kansans find the care they need quickly and with less confusion.”

This BCBSKS initiative will address mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and substance use disorders, by providing the MiResource Solution to anyone in the Kansas State regardless of membership in BCBSKS. MiResource allows users to anonymously filter providers based on specific patient needs, such as conditions being treated, location, language, availability, preferred payment method and more. This solution connects Kansans with the in-person and virtual mental health providers who best meet their needs.

MiResource also allows mental health professionals serving Kansans to quickly and easily post their specialties and availability online. This unique platform enables patients to learn about the qualifications and personal dispositions of these professionals to better match patients’ treatment preferences.

“MiResource is excited to transform the way Kansans access mental health care,” said Mackenzie drazan, CEO of MiResource. “We created MiResource because I have seen my sister struggle and not find the right care in her darkest times. We are delighted to partner with BCBSKS so that no Kansan has to wrestle like my sister did. Done. I applaud BCBSKS ‘commitment to making mental health care a priority for all Kansans to quickly and easily get the mental health care most appropriate to their unique needs. “

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are reporting a significant and sustained increase in symptoms of depression and anxiety. More than half of American adults believe the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on their mental health, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey. In October 2021, BCBSKS launched the New State of Mind campaign to encourage Kansans to open the conversation about mental health. Thousands of people have accessed the to place and has used its resource guides, assessment questionnaires, toolkits and wellness media library to help themselves or loved ones find a starting point to seek the help they need. MiResource makes this campaign a free and easy way for Kansans to assess their care needs and identify a provider who matches their needs.

About MiResource

MiResource makes it easy for people to connect to the mental health care that’s right for them. We leverage advanced technologies to enable all care options, professionals and programs to share their availability, specialty, identity and more, providing our users with the information and support they need. to find the right person. Backed by venture capital funding from top investors including Draper Associates, The One Mind Institute, What if Ventures, Royal Street Ventures and more. MiResource partners with health insurance plans and health systems across the country to help people get the care they need. Our current network of over 5,000 health care providers helps people get the personalized support and resources they need to manage their mental health.

About the Blue Cross and the Blue Shield of Kansas
For more than 75 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas has built a reputation of trust with its members and contracted suppliers by providing exceptional customer service while handling complaints quickly and accurately; administer benefit plans and contracts fairly; provide programs, services and tools to help members improve or maintain their health; and operating to the highest ethical standards while being good stewards of premium dollars. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and is the state’s largest insurer, serving all Kansas counties except Johnson and Wyandotte. For more information visit

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. BLUE CROSS®, BLUE SHIELD® and the Cross and Shield symbols are registered service marks of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, an association of plans independent of Blue Cross and the Blue Shield. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas serves everything Kansas counties except Johnson and Wyandotte. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas contracts with MiResource to provide mental health resources to members. MiResource is not affiliated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas.

View original content to download multimedia:

SOURCE MiResource

The above press release has been provided courtesy of PRNewswire. The views, opinions and statements contained in the press release are not endorsed by Gray Media Group and do not necessarily state or reflect those of Gray Media Group, Inc.

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Nuclear bomb detectors reveal hidden population of blue whales Mon, 18 Oct 2021 10:00:47 +0000 A rare spot of a blue whale tail fluke. Credit: Mike Baird. Accessible via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY 2.0.

Blue whales may be the largest animals on the planet, but they’re hard to spot. The 20 commercial whaling industrye century brought them to the brink of extinction, and today they are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. A blue whale can weigh up to 33 elephants, but many go unnoticed because their numbers are small and they live mostly solitary in all oceans except the Arctic. Yet earlier this year, a team of scientists reported finding a new population of pygmy blue whales in the middle of the equatorial Indian Ocean, using nuclear test detection equipment.

“The discovery would not have been possible otherwise,” said Emmanuelle Leroy, referring to the underwater microphone array that “listens” to sound waves indicative of underwater explosions. Leroy is a bioacoustician – a scientist who studies how animals create and perceive sound – and lead author of the study on the discovery of the pygmy blue whale. (Pygmy blue whales are only small compared to other blue whales; at 90 tons, they can weigh up to 15 elephants, assuming an elephant weighs around 6 tons.) Now that scientists are aware of this new population of blue whales, they can work to protect these vulnerable giants from threats such as ship strikes, entanglement in fishing gear, ocean noise and climate change.

“I think it’s pretty cool that the same system that protects the world from nuclear bombs allows us to find new populations of whales, which in the long run can help us study the health of the marine environment,” Tracey Rogers, marine ecologist and senior author of the study, said.

The nuclear test detection system. The underwater microphones are part of the international surveillance system which ensures “that no nuclear explosion goes unnoticed”. The system is a global network (nearing completion) of 170 seismic stations, 80 radionuclide stations, 60 infrasound stations and 11 hydroacoustic stations in 89 countries around the world. Network data is collected at the headquarters of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization in Vienna, where it is made available for civic and scientific purposes. Japan, for example, uses the data to gain real-time information on underwater earthquakes that precede tsunamis, enabling early warnings that save lives.

To hear the chants of the new blue whale population, Leroy and his team poured nearly two decades of recordings of ocean underwater soundscapes from six different recording sites into the monitoring system.

“At first I noticed a lot of horizontal lines on the spectrogram,” Leroy said. “These lines at particular frequencies reflect a strong signal, so there was a lot of energy there.”

The songs varied between sites depending on the season, suggesting that the whales migrated into the central Indian Ocean, reaching as far east as northern Western Australia and possibly as far north as Sri Lanka. It turns out that the Indian Ocean is home to a greater variety of pygmy blue whales than previously thought.

What do whale songs sound like? The rumblings heard on the recordings shared low frequencies, rhythms and structures characteristic of large whales. The audio patterns repeated themselves and were consistent over years of data, leading researchers to believe the animals were blue whales rather than, say, humpback whales.

“Humpback whales are like jazz singers. They change their songs all the time, ”Rogers said. “Blue whales, on the other hand, are more traditional. They sing very structured and simple songs.

Yet researchers knew that different subspecies of blue whales, including those from the Indian Ocean, sing different songs. Although the vocalizations resembled those of blue whales in general, they differed from all known populations of blue whales.

“Whale songs have been a big part of the acoustic soundscape for 18 to 20 years,” Leroy said. “After going through the data, I was like, ‘Wow, there’s a lot of it, not just a few! That’s why we thought it was a different population.

Scientists named the new population of pygmy blue whales “Chagos” after the Indian Ocean archipelago where they were found.

No one has seen the Chagos whales yet, although that’s not surprising. Blue whale populations are often identified by sound rather than sight due to their reclusive nature. The sound travels far in the water, which makes it well suited for the task of identification. It helps that whale songs can be louder than jet engines and can be heard underwater up to 1,000 miles away.

Indeed, those who designed the International Monitoring System took full advantage of the sound propagation properties of water. That is, the system required significantly fewer hydroacoustic stations than seismic, radionuclide, and infrasound stations. Better yet, the system’s acoustic data is available at short notice.

“You don’t have to wait. It’s kind of magical, ”said Leroy, contrasting the experience with previous research in which the acoustic data it needed from a different system – a system unrelated to nuclear test detection – required a wait. one year.

What happens after a new discovery of a whale population? Although the data has provided insight into the existence and movements of the Chagos, Leroy and his team have many unanswered questions. For example: How many of these whales exist? Are their songs innate or do they learn them from a parent? What precisely are their migratory routes? And perhaps most important: How can humans protect these vulnerable giants from modern threats?

Without temporary protection zones in which sailors are advised to slow down or avoid migration routes, boats can collide and kill or injure whales or produce noise that disrupts their feeding, reproduction and social behavior. The International Whaling Commission, which oversees a global whale entanglement network, also needs up-to-date information on whale habitats as part of its work to free whales that become entangled in nets. fishing. Scientists and environmentalists also use information about whale habitats in their advocacy.

It is perhaps not surprising that the international monitoring system, which was designed to protect all living things on Earth, has already helped the recently discovered blue whales of Chagos. As Leroy said, “Discovering a new population is the first step in protecting it”.

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Seven fitness classes in London to soothe your winter blues Sun, 17 Oct 2021 04:00:00 +0000

Many people quickly find that fitness classes are not for them, while some experience and breathe Pilates and HIIT weekly, claiming they are good mood boosters.

With the end of the year fast approaching, we’re going to need something new, something to keep going and give ourselves something to accomplish during our short, cold, dark days.

To break the winter blues, a good start would be to step out of your comfort zone and try to sweat to release endorphins.

You are bound to feel proud when the hard work is done.

Maybe even bringing a friend or relative and experience a class together will help motivate you to put on these coaches.

But it’s more than the blues that it might help with. SAD (or Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a common term describing a type of depression that sets in around fall and winter.

It’s said to be triggered by a lack of sunlight and vitamin D, and exercises like yoga and cardio can help ease symptoms.

These seven courses will inspire you and prepare you for the rest of the day. Surprise yourself and give it a try, there is a class for every day of the week.

A view over the London skyline gives this class a feel-good vibe

Yoga at sunrise, heavenly garden

The Sky Garden atop the Walkie Talkie is a wonderfully serene place to do yoga – it’s light, spacious, and filled with foliage. Classes follow a vinyasa flow style, so expect to sweat gently.

During the week, they take place at 6.30am, which means you can watch the city wake up as you practice your Sun Salutations. There are also weekend classes that start at 8am to get you up and out of bed.

Book a lesson here.

Barry's Bootcamp United Kingdom
A change of scenery can motivate you to work harder

Barry’s BootCamp

You may have already heard of Barry’s with its iconic red rooms.

Each class is a high intensity interval workout where you can burn up to 1000 calories in a single workout. If you need a challenge and a different atmosphere, this class will get you up to speed.

You can choose treadmill and weight training classes, or you can skip the treadmill altogether. Either way, it will be an exhilarating experience.

You can book here and choose from the seven London locations.

The benefits of yoga, ballet and Pilates in one

Bar core

If you can’t choose between ballet, yoga and Pilates, then Barre core allows you to combine all three and enjoy all of these benefits. These classes will work your muscles in a very unusual way.

You probably aren’t going to sweat a lot during your basic Barre class. Instead, the method focuses on exhausting your muscles with movements that bring your muscles into a “jerk”.

This is a low impact, high intensity workout designed for all fitness levels and these classes will help you feel strong and confident in your body and mind.

You can book here and choose from nine London locations.

Take a look at the dates your favorite artist is playing


Another option for improving mood would be to devote your exercise hour to your favorite artist. Even on a bad day, your favorite song can cheer you up. The clue is in the title, these courses are good for the soul.

They say, “Imagine stepping into SoulCycle carrying the weight of a day, a week, a whole year and coming out fit, well and focused. It’s a mental change.

Riding a bike might seem easy, but it will push you to exactly where you need to be. The bikes are stationary but they will take you as far as your mind wants to travel. Leave for Rihanna, Usher, Dua Lipa and Lizzo.

Delivered here for their studios in Soho or Notting Hill.

Blok London
During the darker months, we need all we can to let our creativity run free


Blok Studios, located in Clapham and Shoreditch, specialize in multidisciplinary training in five categories: strength, endurance, skill, flexibility and reset. This type of fitness will keep you from getting bored and improve your mental clarity and creativity.

Take a look for more information here.

FLY Fitness
With so much to choose from, you don’t have to go for the most intense to make it worth it.


Many courses to choose from here, whatever you are looking for. They have flow classes or strength and conditioning classes that range from yoga and booty burner to abs. Their chill class seems perfect for those days when you just want to spend the afternoon.

Delivered here.

Try something completely famous and fun


A unique course to try and give you the strength to face life. Wrap yourself in ropes and trapeze skyward for a while. It is worth a try if you are fed up with the standard courses. Maybe you haven’t moved in a while and this is the change you need to come back.

Book a lesson here.

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1. BLUE RED ZONE | Soccer Fri, 15 Oct 2021 22:00:00 +0000


While the Packers train Matt LaFleur didn’t particularly appreciate questions about how his offense struggled in the red zone in the first five games of this season compared to last year – the unit went from an 80% hit rate , the league’s best, at 55% so far this season – those questions could easily have focused on defense issues in the same area of ​​the pitch.

In five games, the Packers’ opponents have crossed the Green Bay 20-yard line 13 times. And every 13 times the defense has allowed a hit – a 100% failure rate.

“We’re kind of proud of situational football. Games boil down to situations. The biggest are third, red zone and two minutes because that’s usually where games are won and lost, ”said the defensive coordinator. Joe barry said midweek. “We are poor right now in the red zone. It’s still an area of ​​focus, but it’s something we’ve invested a lot of time and energy into. It is something that we are constantly working on, talking about and preaching about.

“It’s definitely something we need to improve; There is no doubt about it. “

And although talking about it is not the same as fixing it, one of the leaders in defense, security Adrien amos (above), didn’t realize until a reporter told him the Packers had yet to stop a single practice in the red zone before the end zone.

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‘Sophisticated’: Ancient droppings show humans enjoyed beer and blue cheese 2,700 years ago | Anthropology Thu, 14 Oct 2021 14:20:00 +0000

It’s no secret that beer and blue cheese go hand in hand, but a new study reveals how deep their roots run in Europe, where workers at a salt mine in Austria gorged themselves ago up to 2,700 years.

Scientists made the discovery by analyzing samples of human excrement found in the heart of the Hallstatt mine in the Austrian Alps.

Frank Maixner, a microbiologist at the Eurac Research Institute in Bolzano, Italy, who was the lead author of the report, said he was surprised to learn that salt miners over two millennia ago were enough advanced to “use fermentation intentionally”.

“It’s very sophisticated in my opinion,” Maixner said. “It’s something I wasn’t expecting at the time.”

According to the researchers, this discovery is the first evidence to date of cheese maturation in Europe.

And while alcohol consumption is certainly well documented in older writings and archaeological evidence, the droppings of salt miners contained the first molecular evidence of beer consumption on the continent at this time.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that not only were prehistoric culinary practices sophisticated, but also that complex processed foods as well as the fermentation technique played a prominent role in our early food history,” Kerstin Kowarik, of the Museum of Natural History of Vienna. , noted.

The town of Hallstatt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been used for salt production for over 3,000 years.

The community “is a very special place, it’s located in the Alps, in the middle of nowhere,” Maixner said. “The whole community worked and lived off this mine.

The miners spent their entire days there, working, eating and using the mine toilets.

It is thanks to the constant temperature of around 8C (46F) and the high concentration of salt at the mine that the miners’ droppings were particularly well preserved.

The researchers analyzed four samples: one from the Bronze Age, two from the Iron Age and one from the 18th century.

One of them, about 2,700 years old, contained two fungi, Penicillium roqueforti and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Both are known today for their use in the manufacture of foods.

“The Hallstatt miners appear to have intentionally applied food fermentation technologies with microorganisms that are still used in the food industry today,” Maixner said.

The researchers also studied the diet of the miners, which consisted mainly of grains, fruits, beans and meat as a source of protein.

“The diet was exactly what these miners needed, in my opinion,” Maixner said. “It’s clearly balanced and you have all the main components you need. “

The main difference with today’s menus is the degree of food processing, which was very low back then. Bronze and Iron Age miners used whole grains, suggesting the consumption of some kind of porridge. To 18th century miners, the grains appeared to be ground, indicating that they were eating bread or cookies.

One of the other results of the study was the composition of the miners’ microbiota, or all the bacteria present in their bodies.

In all four samples studied, the microbiota was very similar to that of modern non-Western populations, who tend to have more traditional lifestyles.

This suggests a “recent change” in the microbiota of industrialized humans, “likely due to modern lifestyles, diet or medical advances,” according to the study.

However, the microbiota is often linked to different modern diseases, Maixner said. He says figuring out when exactly this change happened could help scientists figure out what caused it.

The study was published Wednesday in the journal Current Biology.

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]]> 0 Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club features jazz master NEA and legendary saxophonist CHARLES LLOYD and 6x-GRAMMY® nominated pianist GERALD CLAYTON on October 29, 30 and 31 at 7:30 p.m. Wed, 13 Oct 2021 10:01:36 +0000

Charles Lloyd and Gerald Clayton at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club

“Charles Lloyd is a legendary saxophonist. He is one of the greatest jazz musicians alive today and we are so excited that he is performing at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club with such a talented group of jazz artists. .. “

Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club announces NEA Jazz Master & Master Saxophonist CHARLES LLOYD playing with 6x-GRAMMY® nominated pianist GERALD CLAYTON, Multi-GRAMMY® nominated drummer ERIC HARLAND and talented bassist HARISH RAGHAVAN on October 29, 30 and 31 .

NEA Jazz Master & Master Saxophonist CHARLES LLOYD, now in his eighth decade, has never sounded better. The depth of its sound reflects a lifetime of experience. Charles Lloyd’s concerts and recordings are events of immaculate beauty and elegance, full of intensely felt emotion and passion that touch the depths of the heart. It is not entertainment, but the powerful and uncorrupted expression of beauty through music.

  • JAZZWISE said this of master saxophonist Charles Lloyd, “Lloyd is one of the greatest, much like Joan Miro in modern art, he has no equal except himself. Transport music and of total pleasure. “
  • NEW YORK TIMES said: “Mr. Lloyd has developed a strange and beautiful distillation of the American experience, part abandoned and wild, part immensely controlled and sophisticated.

6x-GRAMMY® nominated pianist GERALD CLAYTON seeks honest expression in every note he plays. Expansion is now part of Clayton’s artistic identity. His GRAMMY® nominations include “Best Jazz Improvised Solo” as well as “Best Jazz Instrumental Composition” and “Best Jazz Instrumental Album”.

Multi-GRAMMY® nominated drummer ERIC HARLAND is the most requested drummer of his generation. He has already appeared on more than 400 recordings with various artists.

Bassist HARISH RAGHAVAN regularly appears on the international festival circuit, including in more than 100 countries on almost every continent. THE NEW YORK TIMES called Raghavan “one of the most exciting young bassists in jazz.”

“Charles Lloyd is a legendary saxophonist. He is one of the greatest jazz musicians alive today and we are so excited that he is performing at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club with such a talented group of jazz artists.” , said Suzanne Bresette, General Manager, Programming at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club. “Gerald Clayton is exceptional – he will be Jimmy’s third GRAMMY® nominated pianist to play on our new Steinway & Sons piano – and our audience is eagerly awaiting this jazz quartet to put on an exceptional performance! “

The 2021 Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club program now includes 17 GRAMMY® award-winning artists and a roster of jazz and blues musicians with over 150 GRAMMY® Award nominations among them. Visit Jimmy’s online events calendar for the full 2021 Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club program. Sign up for Jimmy’s email newsletter to stay informed of new jazz and blues artist announcements, tickets, specials, Jimmy’s Sunday Jazz Brunch and more.


The mission of Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club is to provide guests with a unique, world-class experience featuring serious jazz and blues music served with exceptional Southern-inspired cuisine. Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club offers a spectacular and breathtaking environment designed to deliver the highest quality acoustics while using cutting-edge production, sound and lighting technologies. Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club is located in a beautifully restored 1905 building at 135 Congress Street in the heart of historic downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. For more information, visit

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Quick recap: grizzly bears explode pistons 128-97 Tue, 12 Oct 2021 02:34:19 +0000

The Memphis Grizzlies seem more ready than ever to start the regular season, as they beat the exhausted Detroit Pistons 127-92 in their fourth preseason game.

The first quarter was an absolute chore as officials wanted it to be known early on that this was THEIR preseason game, calling 18 fouls in the frame. Still, the Grizzlies played an aggressive game from Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. as well as an opportunistic defense to take a 34-27 lead.

Defense in particular continues to be revealing, as Taylor Jenkins has chosen to forgo the use of drop cover almost exclusively when Steven Adams is not on the court. The second quarter was a solid example of the havoc the Grizzlies can wreak in passing lanes while changing everything with Jaren in the middle as they had 5 interceptions in the quarter.

Morant set the pace with 18 points on 7-8 shots in 14 minutes, and Tyus Jones added 12 points as the Grizzlies took a 70-46 lead at halftime.

The game would never be called into question again and was of no use to Morant other than showing the new tricks up his sleeve. In the third quarter he sank 4 midrange jumpers in a row, which I’m pretty sure he never did in an entire game last year. He would total 24 points on 10-13 shots and 5 assists in 26 minutes.

Jaren Jackson Jr. would finish with 20 points on 7-14 shots and 8 rebounds in 26 minutes. De’Anthony Melton also continued to be excellent, finishing with 16 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.

For more Grizzlies talk, subscribe to the Grizzly Bear Blues podcast network at Google Podcasts, Apple podcasts, Stapler, Spotify, and Iheart. Follow Grizzly Bear Blues on Twitter and Instagram.

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Chelsea Transfer News Roundup: Blues show interest in Barcelona star, Newcastle United plan transfer for German ace, and more Sun, 10 Oct 2021 20:37:48 +0000

Chelsea have won five of their seven games this season in the Premier League. The Blues’ only loss came against defending champions Manchester City. However, Thomas Tuchel’s team lead the standings ahead of the international break.

Meanwhile, off the pitch, Chelsea are interested in a French star who plays for Barcelona. Elsewhere, Newcastle United are considering a transfer for a German striker who is no longer the Blues’ first choice.

On that note, here’s a look at the main Chelsea transfer stories on October 10, 2021.

Chelsea take an interest in Ousmane Dembele

Chelsea are interested in Ousmane Dembele.
Chelsea are interested in Ousmane Dembele.

Chelsea are interested in Ousmane Dembele, according to The Hard Tackle via TEAMtalk.

The Frenchman is a target for Liverpool, who are preparing to bring him to Anfield. However, the Blues are ready to compete with the Reds for the signing of the Barcelona star. Manchester City are also watching the player, who could spark a bidding war for his services next year. Dembele’s current contract with the Blaugrana expires next summer.

Liverpool are considering trying to sign striker Ousmane Dembele on a free transfer when his contract with Barcelona ends this summer. (Team conversation)

Dembele has been blowing hot and cold since joining the Blaugrana in 2017. He was first signed as a replacement for Neymar, but has never quite lived up to it.

The Frenchman suffered from prolonged injuries which hampered his development at Camp Nou. Last season, Dembele appeared 44 times for Barcelona, ​​raising hopes that his injury woes are finally over. However, this turned out to be a false dawn, and the Frenchman received a blow at Euro 2020 and is currently unavailable.

However, Chelsea believe he could turn a new leaf at Stamford Bridge. The Blues are well stocked in the wide attack department, but some of their stars have struggled lately. Hakim Ziyech, Christian Pulisic and Kai Havertz all suffered a reverse tenure with Chelsea, which could call on Dembele to add more threat to their attack.

Newcastle United consider move for Timo Werner

Newcastle United are considering a move for Timo Werner.
Newcastle United are considering a move for Timo Werner.

Newcastle United are considering a move for Timo Werner, according to The Hard Tackle via Fichajes.

The Magpies are preparing a list of potential attacking targets for next summer. and the Chelsea star is one of the players they watch. Werner has struggled to replicate his form from Leipzig since joining Chelsea, but there’s no denying his quality on the pitch.

Newcastle are hopeful the German striker will resolve his difficulties in front of goal. Werner has already lowered the hierarchy after the arrival of Romelu Lukaku. Chelsea might therefore be willing to let Werner go for the right price.

Jorginho supported to win the 2021 Ballon d’Or

Roberto Mancini has claimed that no one deserves the Ballon d'Or award more than Jorginho this year.
Roberto Mancini has claimed that no one deserves the Ballon d’Or more this year than Jorginho.

Speaking ahead of Italy’s match for third place in the 2021 UEFA Nations League, Roberto Mancini said no one deserves this year’s Ballon d’Or more than Jorginho. The Chelsea midfielder won the UEFA Champions League and Super Cup with Les Bleus, and Euro 2020 with Italy.

Roberto Mancini: “Jorginho should, in my opinion, win the Ballon d’Or. He won everything and deserves it a lot. It would seem strange to me otherwise.

“Jorginho should, in my opinion, win the Ballon d’Or. He won everything and deserves it a lot. It would seem strange to me otherwise, ”Mancini said.

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5 questions with Peachtree Hoops Sat, 09 Oct 2021 13:00:00 +0000

The Atlanta Hawks were two wins last season from an NBA Finals appearance. So naturally they expect great things again, if not more, for this upcoming campaign.

As the Hawks prepare to take on the Grizzlies in the preseason, I reached out to Graham Chapple of SBNation and asked him 5 questions about the excitement surrounding this season for Atlanta.

1. After an ECF appearance, would anything less than at least in the 2nd round be a disappointment?

Absoutely. A first-round outing after a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals would be a pretty dire sequel, especially since last season’s entire squad is coming back and arguably should be even better with the addition of Delon. Wright and the continued development of the young core – like De’Andre Hunter, Cam Reddish, Onyeka Okongwu (when he returns from injury in December), Kevin Huerter and, hell, Young and Collins themselves. I think the Hawks need to at least make the second round in an improved Eastern Conference, although they themselves would be disappointed in that.

Photo by Adam Hagy / NBAE via Getty Images

2. Is Trae Young ready to take the next step to participate in the MVP discussion?

Atlanta Hawks vs. Memphis Grizzlies

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Trae Young already has everything he needs to be an MVP contender in terms of acting and production. I think his case for MVP will be in the form of what he can already do on average but with the success of the team in the regular season. If the Atlanta Hawks have found themselves in a situation where they are the No. 1 seed in the East and lead the way, he can certainly put himself in the running for the MVP talk.

3. Which offseason move / addition will have the greatest impact?

The Hawks have enjoyed a lot of continuity this summer. Basically everyone who was positive for them and hit free agency came back like John Collins and Lou Williams. They added Delon Wright to their ranks and I think he will turn out to be the best summer addition (of the few that have happened) on what is essentially last season’s squad and will fill the role that I am sure they were originally expecting Rajon Rondo last year (which was horrible on the pitch for the most part). Wright will provide much-needed stability when Young isn’t on the ground – non-Trae Young minutes were a big deal last season.

4. Besides an injury to Trae Young, which could set Atlanta back.

Obviously, a long-term injury to Trae Young (touching wood) would be disastrous, but if it were a situation like last season where he suffered an ankle injury and was out for a few weeks, the Hawks have enough offensive firepower to survive without him. I would be much more worried if an injury to Clint Capela took place. Big substitute Onyeka Okongwu is out until maybe Christmas and Capela is the backbone of that defense. John Collins could of course step in and play center if needed, but Capela is vital to this team’s ceiling and if he is forced to miss an extended period, I would be worried about the Hawks’ defense.

5. Down South Rivalry: If you could choose, would you prefer the Hawks to compete with the Grizzes or the Pelicans?

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Atlanta Hawks

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I like this question. I’m sure many would pick the Pelicans, which makes sense given that I think they already have an urgent need to nurture talent around Zion in the same way the Hawks broke the bank in 2020 to surround Young. more talents. Even still, I would choose the Grizzlies simply because I find their timelines so similar and interesting in so many ways. In 2016, the Grizzlies opted to sign their renowned free agent Mike Conley to this massive deal while the Hawks allowed theirs, Al Horford to leave. After a season of his replacement to Dwight Howard, that initial decision (among others in 2016) led the Hawks to begin their rebuild in the summer of 2017. The Grizzlies held on for a bit longer and when they pressed the reset button, they, like the Hawks, ended up with a dynamic guard (Young vs. Morant) and a scheming forward (John Collins vs. Jaren Jackson Jr.).

The Grizzlies did a better job initially surrounding Ja Morant with veteran talent and made it to the playoffs, something the Hawks lacked during Young’s first two seasons. Now you have to say that the Hawks have taken the next step to surround Young with the talent he deserves and, as a Grizzlies fan myself originally, I would be worried that Memphis has fallen behind in that regard. to help Morant in the same way. I see a lot of similarities between the respective reconstructions of Atlanta and Memphis that originated in their decisions from 2016. It’s really fun to think about it and if I had to choose the rivalry between either of them. these two teams, I would choose the Grizzlies because I see a lot of shared dynamics in terms of star personnel.

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