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Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge spoke to the media following his side’s landslide victory over St Kilda …

Q: Would you have had trouble finding any issues other than injuries?
A: Yeah, that was a bit of a surprise. As much as we believe in ourselves, I probably didn’t see it coming. I don’t know where to start with all of this. I think the telling thing at the end was not just the scoreboard, but I think you know, 72-48 tackles too. So when we didn’t have the ball we were pretty manic, and that’s an important part of any budding team, to be able to have a good balance in what you do. And so it was – it was, you know, kind of like a combined situation where you got the upper hand on the scoreboard but your defensive aspect was on the song. So that was a critical part of tonight.

Q: Everyone likes to move quickly. Next Friday night in Melbourne, what do you think of this match?
A: It’s great to be in this position, and I’m sure demons think the same. Obviously they’ll be a little disappointed that they dropped one today, but they’ve been outstanding all year and obviously had challenges with some of their depth and but we played them the week before the first round and to be honest, we put a price on it. . We had to go, so we expect a Melbourne to be a bit different than what we’ve been up against – although we were pretty good in this meet, like I said, they were really impressive. We will have our hands full.

Q: What’s the suggestion or what did Treloar do tonight?
A: It’s an ankle injury. I think you probably got it. I just spoke to our medicos. They will have to assess it. He will be away for a little while.

Q: Do they think syndesmosis is possible?
A: The boys are talking about it. They think it’s a low grade syndesmosis injury, and, yes, that usually means you’re away for several weeks. I don’t know how many.

Q: Does the fact that next week’s game is here mean a lot in terms of how you may have played – this venue has been pretty adamant.
A: I don’t think it necessarily fits the location, we won in Canberra, we love to play Adelaide Oval, we love to play Adelaide Oval, we love to play Ballarat – we played in Brisbane there. We love to play ‘G – we’re one and one over there, Collingwood, and we couldn’t get Richmond. Yeah, I think – the thing about this venue, we really love playing at Marvel Stadium. It’s a great place and facility and just the peace of mind, whatever the conditions outside, you know what you’re going to get now, we don’t open the roof anymore, and the other week, I’m thinking of looking at North-Collingwood, there’s a lot of slips here, and getting your foot on that ground is always a struggle, because, you know, boys train with certain cleats, and so it presents different challenges. . Yeah, it’s – we like it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like playing elsewhere.

Q: Cody Weightman is only a few games away from his career, but he has played some really good games in a row. Does it sort of cement itself on the side, do you think?
A: It’s probably a little early to give him the card to say, “You have a free ride”, but he’s been awesome, and, yeah, he did some good things tonight, you know. I think they all inspired each other with different things they did. And he had a really good balance in his game tonight Cody. I probably missed a few set pieces. I said before the game – it was tough last year for freshmen from all clubs, to be away, in a hub and not have a national league competition, like a bona fide competition in which we played. We were playing Mickey Mouse round robin games. You know, we’ve played Gold Coast four times. You imagine they’ve dreamed about it all their lives and walked into this situation and it became a struggle. But we saw flashes of what he could do when he first came out last year, and now he’s growing fast, and, listen, I just have to yell at all of our staff and coaches, and all of our personal, but the work that they do with our players and in our program is – there are great synergies there … Great support for me. The medical staff, everyone working with the players, is doing a tremendous job. The players are thankful for that given what you see in the industry, and I think that’s one thing that worries me the most as a senior coach is losing your great people. Valuable resources, that do a huge job with your players and for the club, and support me, you know, until the end, and make my life easier, and I think that’s the thing that most of we are paranoid – it’s losing big. people. This is when things go really well in the club. You always worry about losing great people.

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