Brian Kelley shares the secrets of his “Boat Names” mini-film

The first song on Brian Kelley’s new Sunny state of mind the album is perhaps the most important. “Boat Names” is a different kind of love song that finds a man promising that one day he will give the girl he loves a boat named after him.

The song is a show of engagement at the start of a relationship that Kelley says she played with for some time before involving co-writers Casey Brown and Parker Welling. “Yeah, that’s a dreamer’s love song,” he said Taste of rural nights.

“One of these days / I put your pretty little name on the back of a 45 footer”, he sings to start the mid-tempo chorus, singing on an acoustic guitar and a smooth production compared to FGL songs. “It may sound crazy but someday / i will make your name one of the names of ships. “

“It was the first song I wrote for the project. And it was the guiding light and also the anchor,” Kelley shares.

“At first I took a leave of absence last year from May – when Tyler (Florida Georgia Line partner Tyler Hubbard) and I released our fifth album, we were done – I took a leave and I just did an introspection, ”he says. “I played guitar a lot, I wrote in my journal, I spent a lot of time with God, Brittney and our dogs, and I did everything under the sun, really, except music. got my arm back in shape to throw. I did it all. “

When Brown and Welling were booked for his writing date, Kelley figured he would bring this song to them to help finish. At the time, there was no vision for the expansive music video he released on Friday, June 25. He didn’t even own the boat! Bethany Ashton Wolf brought them the idea for a short film in which young versions of themselves fall in love and then pass the torch to BK and Brittney Marie in real life. The script was powerful.

“We started to cry while reading it, like ‘Oh my God, this is absolutely amazing’,” he recalls thinking. “I love the idea of ​​the mini-movie, and I think it is, a part has already been done in a way, but for me and Brittney and our love story, showing that, it’s just… sounds cool to us and we might not be more excited to release it. “

The Kelleys now own a boat, and it’s aptly called the Brittany Marie. It was a big moment for him – and for them as a couple – and it arrived after a long year spent with their four dogs, largely isolated from the world during the pandemic.

“I wrote it to be a dreamer, and just like, ‘Hey baby, one of these days I’m going to make your name one of the boat names. We will do it, ”he said.

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