Blue Jays’ winning streak ended in weird and fiery encounter with the Orioles

BALTIMORE – After settling down on the mound, ready to deliver a 1-2 throw to Richie Martin late in the second set, Robbie Ray suddenly got off the rubber amid screams between the canoes. Visibly irritated, the Toronto Blue Jays southpaw dropped his arms to his side and gave the Baltimore Orioles a dirty look.

“Shut up. Shut up, DJ,” someone yells, perhaps in reference to Orioles outfielder DJ Stewart. The chatter continued and someone shouted a more vulgar version of ” What are you talking about ? “

More and more annoyed, Ray paced around the mound. At that point, Orioles manager Brandon Hyde got involved, shouting something like, “What do you think we’re giving Robbie”, before he really took on the left-handed ace. . “Can’t we say anything?” ” He shouted. “Throw the ball f ––––––. We don’t say s –––. OKAY? F —. Let’s go. “

Ray smiled at Hyde, blew up a Martin 95.6mph four-seam machine for the third strike, then glared at the finalist of the Blue Jays‘ leadership opening filled by Charlie Montoyo in October 2018.

” What are you looking at ? Hyde chirped. “Put your f –––––– ass back on the mound.”

Tired of the chatter, Ray motioned to go to Hyde.

” What are you going to do ? Hyde replied. “F ––– off. We don’t say s ––– here.

The chirping, at least the one audible to the public, stopped from there, the Blue Jays maintaining their composure both when Hyde bellowed like a hard blow at the bar, and even later when Fernando Abad, in theory chasing a stray throw, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. extended as he ran from third to home.

That way, the Blue Jays didn’t allow the Orioles to drag them into a full Gong Show, but that didn’t stop them from giving up a 6-3 decision on Friday night. They fought back from a 3-0 deficit early on to tie the game in the sixth on the bizarre play with Gurriel on the third baseline and a brace from Marcus Semien RBI, but Julian Merryweather, in his first outing in the bigs leagues since April 13, failed to field a decay from Cedric Mullens to open the seventh, and eventually served a three-run homerun to Anthony Santander who settled the issues.

“I’m not going to waste my time with someone who doesn’t fit in the box,” Ray said of Hyde’s engagement. “I don’t have the time of day.”

Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo has gone into full diplomatic mode.

“I don’t want to comment on this,” he said. “All I know is my guy kept his cool, stayed focused and got the job done. And that’s why we stayed in the game. That’s what I’m going to tell About that. “

The loss ended the Blue Jays’ eight-game winning streak, a streak that catapulted them into the heart of the wildcard hunt. They stayed within half a game of the New York Yankees, losing 10-3 to the New York Mets, for second place in the wild card.

The first test came after the Orioles ambushed Ray early, Mullens opened the game with a home run, Austin Hays tripled the right field wall one later and came back when Ryan McKenna went deep with two withdrawals. Ray had allowed just two homers in his previous eight starts – running 53.2 innings – which made the first run even more jarring.

Kelvin Gutierrez then opened the second with another triple and Austin Wynn before Mullens stepped up and Hyde became a badass, then claiming he was upset by an undisclosed accusation made by the Blue Jays.

A pretty good clue as to what happened came when Ray said the Orioles “very rarely swing on my cursor, which is quite curious,” a hint that he fears he’s swinging. or that the batters were told what was to come.

This is what triggered Hyde, who apologized “to all the fans, the Blue Jays, Robbie Ray, Charlie Montoyo”.

“Just sort of to defend my guys,” he added. “We’re playing the game the right way and we’re doing it the right way in the dugout. I felt our guys were a bit focused and I wish I had handled it differently than I did. “

With the Orioles in the midst of yet another dumpster fire season, Hyde can be thrown off balance with minimal consequences while the Blue Jays, in high-stakes games every time, cannot.

Once the screams died down, Ray followed Martin’s strikeout by blasting Mullins and Ryan Mountcastle away to leave the runners stranded in the second period and he completed the next 2.1 innings, ultimately leaving a pair. on the fifth that Adam Cimber failed.

“I think I did a pretty good job of getting my emotions together, coming back to it and then getting the strikeout,” Ray said of the second inning. “I felt like I could do a really good job with it. “

At home plate, meanwhile, the Blue Jays completed the goals twice against Chris Ellis, but only managed a single Bo Bichette RBI in the fifth before Abad took over in the sixth.

Gurriel opened the set with a double and a later strikeout, charged for the third over Randal Grichuk’s Grounder in the second. Jahmai Jones’ throw in the third fled to the Blue Jays dugout and as Gurriel stood up and ran down the line, Abad, chasing the ball indecisively, dropped a shoulder into the outfielder. in a manner apparently intended to attract the attention of the Ravens.

Gurriel, in comments relayed by a spokesperson for the team, said he did not see the collision coming and was therefore unsure of Abad’s intentions. He simply saw the ball roll, charge toward the house, and have his upper arm pierced, taking no ill effects.

The point came to make it a 3-2 game and Semien then brought Grichuk home with his double, but the offense dried up from there with the Blue Jays blocking a runner in the seventh, two more. in the eighth and 13 in total.

Montoyo had hoped to find low leverage for Merryweather’s first outing, but forced him to a 3-3 game. If he’d lined up Mullens’ decay cleanly he came out of the frame clean, but Trey Mancini wasted three throws before winning a nine-step walk with two outs and two throws later, Santander smashed a radiator 1-0 in the middle of the wall.

The fastball that Merryweather used with breathtaking cruelty in April was not the same and he only had two puffs, one on a fastball, one on a slider.

Ray, meanwhile, had 22 puffs, 14 on his fastball, one on his curveball and seven on the 35 sliders he threw, generating 19 swings in total.

“They fought, I feel like they fought me every time I pitched here,” Ray said. “I felt like my last game in Toronto (seven innings, two runs August 30), I pitched pretty well against them. Maybe it’s something I’m doing. I have to inform myself. “

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