Blue-green algae infest woman living in Iona


When Micki Suzanne moved to Florida 15 years ago, she expected clear skies and clear water.

“I moved here for my health. I have Lyme disease and I couldn’t stand the Michigan cold, ”said Suzanne. “It made my symptoms unbearable.”

Suzanne hoped to feel the healing power of the sun, sand and water, but this is not always the case.

But now Suzanne is wondering what to do after losing her job due to the pandemic and living next to nature that looks like wasteland instead of paradise.

“We have the elders, we have the families and it seems like we are paying the price for being too quiet,” said Suzanne. “No one is listening, no one can hear us, maybe we need to shout it from the rooftops, but we need help.”

Helps fight toxic blue-green algae.

“I am angry,” said Suzanne.

Algae is evident at Franklin Lock, Davis and Alva ramps. And although she can’t see the green grime in Iona where she lives, Suzanne said she is feeling the effects.

“I have a headache, cough, dizziness,” said Suzanne. “In fact, this morning my older dog is coughing so much that she is squealing. It must therefore be even less absent, which poses a problem.

Now that COVID has prevented her from being an employee, going out and having her wear a mask for a year, Suzanne must continue to wear a mask if she wants to be outside.

“I told people you don’t come to Florida for anything other than nature because it’s the only thing that keeps you, but when we see nature dying it’s just heartbreaking,” he said. she declared.

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