Black Adam’s synopsis reveals the start of the Rock’s DCEU

Can you smell what The Rock is up to? Well, if you can, it’s probably because his character Black Adam has just electrocuted other people to death. Things have been pretty calm regarding The Rock’s role in the DCEU so far. We got our first look at Black adam only a few months ago. A very short caravan saw him come out of his prison and attacked by soldiers, whose work he quickly did. However, we haven’t even seen a full profile picture. The Rock sparked excitement on its own, but today the synopsis for Black adam has been made public.

What does the film have in store for Black Adam?

In a trend similar to Joker Where Suicide squad, the Black adam the synopsis reveals that this movie will be all about the villain. In Shazam, Black Adam is referenced as the first champion of the Council of Wizards, who chooses revenge and unleashes evil upon the world. The film will take a look at how he received his powers and his imprisonment. They were given to him 5,000 years ago and based on the Egyptian gods. Now he feels he can properly dispense his unique form of righteousness. According to the director, it will be similar to Dirty Harry.

Who opposes the rock in this film?

Considering that Black Adam is Shazam’s arch nemesis, you would think Levi is in this movie. However, it has been confirmed that this is not the case. Instead, it looks like the Justice Society of America is making their debut to stop Black Adam instead. A much smaller form of the Justice League, it has four members. These members are Atom Smasher, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Doctor Fate. Therefore, Doctor Fate and Hawkman are both well-known members of the Justice League in the DCEU. That could end up being the case if the two teams connect soon. Of course, it all depends if The Rock doesn’t decimate these DCEU greats.

Black adam hits theaters on July 29, 2022. An HBO Max release is expected approximately 45 days later. Are you excited about Black adam? What about the DCEU in general from here? Leave a comment below!

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