Anonymous country singer tips Waffle House waiter $ 1,000


A waiter at Waffle House in North Carolina was shocked by a $ 1,000 tip from an anonymous country music star.

The waiter, Shirell “Honey” Lackey, wrote about the surprising interaction in a shared Facebook post in late July. Lackey wrote that she had thought “long and hard” about whether or not to share the story out of respect for the singer’s privacy, but decided to “keep her name out of it.”

“A country music star just walked into the restaurant and gave me a $ 1,000 tip, gave me two tickets to his next show and got my address to send the baby diaper clothes, etc. work with me for 15 hours today, “Lackey wrote, alongside a photo of the receipt.

The image showed a tip of $ 1,000 on an invoice for only $ 11.99. Lackey said the singer’s bus driver overheard her and another colleague talk about how she sometimes brings her young daughter to work when other childcare options aren’t available . The bus driver told the story to the singer, who personally contacted Lackey.

“He came to me and told me that in a society where no one wants to work, he has to respect the hustle and bustle of someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to provide for his child and I started to cry, ”Lackey wrote. “I was almost in shock to receive such an incredible gift.”

“I’ve heard what’s going on and I’ve always tried to help others but without getting anything in return, only (because) it’s the right thing, what we humans (are) supposed to do. for each other but tonight it came full circle and I was truly blessed to know that (there are) still some amazing people in the world, ”Lackey continued. “Good, honest and selfless people !!! I certainly met one (tonight)!”

Lackey ended his post by asking people not to try and guess at the name of the dumpster, again citing his desire to protect his privacy.

Lackey did not respond to a request for comment from TODAY Food. In a comment on the post, she said she would put half of the money in her daughter’s savings account.



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