Akron’s PorchRokr 2021 rock, alternative, punk, pop music

It was a perfect day for imperfect music of all genres.

PorcheRokr 2021.

As rock, folk, punk and alternative bands played their instruments on Saturday in Akron’s Highland Square neighborhood, thousands of local residents meandered along the West Market and side streets, soaking up the sweet variety. and the late summer sun.

Following:Groups of groups prepare for PorchRokr’s return from Highland Square, “Akron’s best vacation”

It was the ninth PorchRokr music and art festival for the Highland Square Neighborhood Association, and another big hit for music fans.

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Stay Gone's Andy Kulish performs at the ninth PorchRokr Festival, hosted by the Highland Square Neighborhood Association.

Akron’s Tom Goldbourn walked out of the beer garden with a smile and a plastic beer glass to praise the iteration of this year’s annual event.

“We have been looking forward to it all year,” Goldbourn said. “Every neighborhood should have an event like this. “

He and his friend were hoping to see the Acid Katz, but enjoyed the variety of music available in the larger venues and porches along Conger Avenue, Casterton Avenue and Dopler Street.

“We just saw a quartet of hair salons play,” Goldbourn said. “There is everything here.

PorchRokr attendees enjoy the good weather and a performance by Matt Kurtz on Saturday in Akron.

Karen and Tom Stevens of Cuyahoga Falls brought their grandson, Keaton Lietke, 14, to the event. The three had to choose between PorchRokr and an Ohio Shakespeare Festival at Stan Hywet.

Karen thought that contact with the bard might be a popular choice, but was dominated by her husband and grandson. So PorchRokr it was.

By early afternoon, they had listened to five groups, which Keaton liked. He plays the flute in the Lake Local Schools Middle and High School Orchestra.

“It’s pretty cool,” he said. “There are a lot of bands here that are quite talented. “

Karen Stevens said the group are planning a trip to Luigi’s restaurant in Akron after the music festival.

“It’s a big event for everyone,” she said. “[Today] they all bring their dogs.

As she spoke, four poodles with their leashed partners gathered nearby.

Carl Cannon from Applesauce performs at the 2021 PorchRokr music and art festival on Saturday.

Dan Olszewski from Akron said he tries to come to PorchRokr every year.

“I’ve been here as many times as I could,” he says.

Local bands, porch scenes and people continue to attract him.

“Akron is a melting pot and you can see it here,” he said. “Local artists have an opportunity. “

Olszewski brought her 2-year-old daughter Addison and two parents who also enjoyed music. Addison was taking some time to relax in her stroller after dancing in a storm earlier, Olszewski said.

Missy Pedulla, who recently moved from Columbus to Akron, said the event reminded her of similar festivals in the Ohio capital.

“I like to walk around the neighborhoods and see the houses,” she says.

Oh, and the music too.

Kaley Pedulla was visiting Addison, her niece, from Cincinnati. Pedulla grew up in Akron and said she met several friends from high school.

“When you walk you can listen to all types of music,” she said. “I like that it’s not just one type of music. “

She said she went to PorchRokr about five years ago and was impressed with its growth.

Empty Coats perform on the front porch of a North Highland Avenue home during PorchRokr Saturday.

David Denholm from Tallmadge and Lisa Foster from Firestone Park in Akron also enjoyed the variety of music. They planned to spend three or four hours walking the streets and listening to the different artists.

He’s a little Grateful Dead and she’s a little KISS, but there were plenty of options at the festival to keep them both happy.

“I think it’s good because everyone comes together and there are no issues,” Foster said.

Jonathon Thornton from Stow said he came to support a friend who had a booth at the festival. He’s come before and found enough variety for his favorite genre, which can go from heavy metal to hip-hop or R&B, depending on his mood.

“I like to go for a walk,” he says. “I lived in Chicago for 10 years and they have street festivals like this all the time.”

Thornton said he wished he had more time to spend.

“It doesn’t hurt to have a day like this,” he said.

Madison Cummins performs at the PorchRokr 2021 festival on Saturday in Akron.

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