Adventures with Alan climbs Pulpit Rock in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS – In our new exclusive Adventures with Alan series, we’ll be traveling southern Colorado week by week to show you thrills and thrills, hidden gems and well-known places.

Hiking is one of the best things to experience in southern Colorado.

It’s a great way to explore the great outdoors while surrounded by nature and stunning scenery.

Over the next few months, I plan to take full advantage of the warmer weather by exploring all of the wonderful hikes in our area.

Our adventure this week takes us to Pulpit Rock Park in Colorado Springs.

The Perimeter Trail that surrounds Pulpit Rock is nice and easy.

It is wide open and well maintained, with a few small changes in elevation.

Our hike begins on the peripheral path and after a few days of rain and snow, we meet other hikers eager to take advantage of the good weather.

We stop a few times to soak up the scenery, which offers spectacular views of the mountains to the west.

After all, hiking isn’t just the end goal, it’s the journey.

The weather during our visit is a bit chilly, but no complaints.

For a hike to Pulpit Rock, be aware that the trail system becomes more difficult as you climb above the Perimeter Trail.

It gets steeper and bursts in many directions which can be confusing.

For beginners, I recommend a GPS-based hiking app, like AllTrails.

Here’s a tip … I also did this hike from the south parking lot and found this route a little easier to follow.

Regardless of your starting point, the steeper sections near the top may require a bit of scrambling.

There is nothing too difficult to navigate, but more on the moderate side than the lower parts of Pulpit Rock.

Forty-five minutes after leaving the north parking lot, we reached the top.

The summit of Pulpit Rock is over 6,500 feet above sea level and offers stunning views in almost every direction.

This is one of the reasons this hike is so popular!

After a few minutes at the top, the descent is quite easy.

I recommend hiking boots to keep your grip on the steeper slopes.

On any hike, it’s also important to stay hydrated, bring snacks, a charged cell phone, and different layers of clothing.

After all, this is southern Colorado and our weather can change very quickly.

With warmer weather to come, I can’t wait to explore more of Southern Colorado’s best hiking trails, but I need your help!

Send me your favorite hike to so I can cross some new ones off my list.


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