Aaron Lewis tops country rankings, with help from Fox News

America’s # 1 new country song promises to show “the f-door” to anyone complaining about America.

Aaron Lewis’ ‘Am I the Only One’ – once known to rock fans as the frontman of nu-metal band Staind – entered Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart this week, becoming only the ninth song to debut. at No. 1 on the closely watched tally.

A stripped-down acoustic ballad built around Lewis’ dismal baritone, “Am I the Only One” delivers the anguished thoughts of a proudly conservative guy troubled by what he sees as the encroachments of so-called cancellation culture – and just like country music is the subject of a public count of its history of racism and discrimination.

“Am I the only one not brainwashed?” / Making my way through the land of the lost, “he sings,” Who always gives like – and worries about his children / As they try to undo everything he’s done. Elsewhere in the Air, which Lewis co-wrote with Ira Dean and Jeffrey Steele, the 49-year-old singer bemoans burning flags and falling statues and wonders if anyone else “stops singing every time that ‘he’s playing a Springsteen song “.

“Am I the only one who wants to bleed / Or take a bullet to be free?” He continues, “Shout” What is this – “on my TV.”

Asked what inspired “Am I the only one” during a recent onset on “Fox & Friends”, Lewis – who Told Anchorage Press last year that the impeachment of President Donald Trump “could not have been more unconstitutional in form or form” – replied: “I lived the last year and a half … and found myself on several occasions, like all of you, sitting and scratching my head and wondering what’s going on in this amazing country we have. (Lewis’s rep did not immediately respond to the Times’ interview request. )

“Am I the Alone” has achieved its impressive chart, in large part thanks to digital downloads, which Billboard measures with streams and radio shows in formulating its rankings. Lewis’s single sold 58,622 downloads in its first week of availability – enough to rank second, behind BTS’s “Butter” in the tally of releases, according to the tracking firm of trade magazine MRC Data. sales of digital songs of all genres.

Indeed, “Am I the Only One” topped song # 3 on Digital Song Sales by more than 150% – Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like”, a viral hit on TikTok. The Lewis track, which also racked up a relatively modest 4 million streams in the US, entered Billboard’s All Kind of Hot 100 at No. 14.

Strong sales suggest that ‘Am I the only one’ connected with an audience galvanized by Lewis’ message – a familiar storyline among country fans, which pushed sales of Morgan Wallen’s’ Dangerous’ album to new heights. highs following a widespread industry reaction to its use. N-word in a video posted by TMZ.

Yet the real test of a major country song is its radio membership. “Am I the Only One” has not been on Billboard’s Country Airplay charts, although this is largely because Lewis’s label Valory Music has yet to begin promoting the song on the radio. . (A spokesperson for Valory, who also publishes music by Thomas Rhett and Sheryl Crow, did not respond to a question about when the label planned to start promoting the single; Billboard mentionned the date was July 26.)

Even so, the song is likely to receive at least some broadcast. Richard Burns of Frontier Media, which owns and operates three national stations in Arkansas and Alaska, told The Times on Tuesday that he plans to shoot the song later today, before Valory even launches his campaign.

“Country music is a good story, well told, and this one is,” said Burns. He added that he didn’t think ‘Am I the only one’ was designed to press buttons but was ‘rather the result of pressing buttons’; he compared the song to country hits released in the aftermath of 9/11, such as “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” by Alan Jackson and “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) by Toby Keith). “

Keith happened to release his own cultural cancellation song, “Happy Birthday America, “this month. (” Looks like everyone’s peeing on red, white, and blue, “he sings,” Happy Birthday, America, all that’s left of you. “) He has debuted on the Hot Country Songs chart at No.31.

“Am I the only one” is not the first foray into conservative politics by Lewis, a vocal critic of former President Barack Obama who has often been pictured wearing a MAGA hat.

In his first single as a country artist – “Country boy“, released in 2010, nearly a decade after Staind erupted with modern rock hits like” It’s Been Awhile “- Lewis sang,” I never needed the government to hold my hand. ” The song also stars Charlie Daniels, who died last year, in a spoken word outro warning anyone trying to change America that they will have to go through them to do so.

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