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1. Following an ECF appearance If you were to play in the ECF, would any less than in the 2nd round count as an underwhelming experience?

Absoutely. A first-round game following an appearance at the Eastern Conference Finals would be an awful sequel particularly since the entire squad from last season is returning and could be even better given the inclusion of Delon. Wright and the ongoing growth of the core players that includes De’Andre Hunter, Cam Reddish Onyeka Okongwu, Kevin Huerter and Heck, even Young Collins and Young Collins themselves. I believe the Hawks must at least reach the second round in an upgraded Eastern Conference, although they themselves might be disappointed with the event.

2. Are you sure Trae Young now ready to make the move to be a part of an MVP discussion?

Trae Young has everything he requires to be a contender for MVP in terms of his acting and performance. I believe his argument for MVP will come in the shape of what he could accomplish on an average, and the performance of the team during the season’s regular. In the event that you think that the Atlanta Hawks have found themselves in a position that they are the no. one player within the East and are leading in the East, they can definitely be in contention to be in an MVP talk.

3. Which addition or move in the offseason is most likely to have the biggest impact?

The Hawks have had the continuity of their team this season. The majority of those who were positive for them and landed in free agency was back, including Lou Williams and John Collins. They brought Delon Wright in their roster and I am convinced that he will end up being the most valuable spring addition on the basis of the team from last season and fill in the position which I’m sure they had in mind when they signed Rajon Rondo to fill last season (which was terrible on the field in the majority of cases). Wright will bring stability for the team when Trae Young isn’t in the game in the absence of Trae Young time was a huge difference in the last season.

4. Apart from a sprain in Trae Young, which may make it difficult for him to return to Atlanta back.

It is obvious that an injury that lasts for a long time of Trae Young (touching wood) could be catastrophic However, in an event similar to last year, when he had an injury to his ankle and was absent for a couple of weeks The Hawks have the offensive power to make it through without the player. I’d be a lot more concerned if a serious incident involving Clint Capela. A big substitute Onyeka Okongwu will be out until Christmas time, as Capela is the core of the defense. John Collins could take over and play center in the event of a need however Capela is essential to this team’s future and should he be forced to miss a prolonged time, I’d be concerned about the Hawks defense.

5. If you had to choose which team you would prefer, do you think the Hawks be a bit more competitive than Pelicans or the Grizz and Pelicans?

I’m sure that many would choose the Pelicans this is logical since I think they have a pressing need to foster the talent of Zion similar to how the Hawks have blown their budget in 2020 to protect Young. More talent. Still, I’d prefer the Grizzlies for the simple reason that I like their timelines to be so alike and fascinating in so numerous ways. In 2016, Grizzlies decided to sign their well-known Mike Conley to this massive deal, while the Hawks allowed their own Al Horford to leave. After a year of his replacement Dwight Howard, that initial choice (among other ones in 2016) caused to the Hawks to start reconstruction in summer 2017. The Grizzlies kept their cool for a while before they hit on the reset,, like the Hawks were left with an exciting Guard (Young and. Morant) and a promising forward ( Jaren Jackson Jr. against John Collins).

The Grizzlies performed better at first surrounded Ja Morant with veterans and advanced into the postseason, which that the Hawks did not have during Young’s initial two seasons. You have to admit this: Hawks have made the next move to provide Young with the ability they have earned. As an avid Grizzlies fan in the past I was concerned about the possibility that Grizzlies has lost ground in this regard. To help Morant in the same manner. I can see many similarities between the restorations to Atlanta and Memphis which were based on their choices from to assist Morant in the same way. It’s interesting to consider it, and, if I had to choose between the rivalry between. These two teams, I’d go with the Grizzlies as I have a lot of common interactions in terms of the stars in the team.

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