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Online faxless payday loans -Request an online payday loan without credit check

Walker Loan is a non-purpose loan from Crumpton Bank, which is provided in the amount of CZK 30,000 up to CZK 1,000,000. You can apply for a loan online at and it’s the easiest way. Another option is to call the customer service or visit any branch. Crumpton Bank’s existing clients see in internet banking a pre-approved loan for which income is no longer needed. Applicants who are not clients of the bank must present their identity card and second proof of identity, income statement or tax return and a document proving the address of the stay, which may not be older than three months (invoice for mobile phone or landline, proof of payment of SIPO, invoice for electricity, gas, etc.). The advantage of the Walker loan is the possibility of early repayment at any time during the repayment period and also the possibility of obtaining a 4% discount on interest, which is conditional on the creation of a current account of Ukonto and negotiation of the repayment insurance. The disadvantage is the payout rate because the assessment takes 1 to 2 days and only then is it necessary to visit the branch and also the fact that the insurance will increase the total amount due, despite a 4% discount on interest. Crumpton Bank charges a one-time fee for providing a loan of CZK 1,500 regardless of its amount.

Request an online payday loan without credit check with us today

The online application process will be described in the following lines. The first step is to choose the loan amount and maturity. On the right-hand side of the page, the applicant sees data on the loan requested. On the second screen (the same website) you can see the option to choose your 4% discount on the Unkonto interest rate with a free account guarantee and a selection of all ATMs in the Czech Republic and around the world for 10 years and for advantageous death insurance, disability, and unemployment. However, it is necessary to think through this discount, because this discount thanks to the repayment insurance will increase the APR and will make the loan considerably more expensive (for more information see the section “Tariff of Fees” below). Once the values ​​are selected, click the “continue” button to go to the required data entry.

Data entry consists of three parts. The first section “Contact Details” requires you to fill in your name, surname, e-mail, mobile phone and confirmation of “I have read and agree to learn about personal data processing.” Once you have completed these items, click “Continue”.

The second part of the page is displayed, namely “Residence Address”. State, city, street, house number and postal code are required. Then click “Continue” again. You will get to the second section “Personal Data”. It is necessary to fill in the citizenship, birth number (the birth number is filled in after entering the birth number), ID card number, date of issue of the identity card, validity of the ID card, place of birth and identity card issued. Furthermore, I agree that I am not a politically exposed person and I am not a person with a special relationship with the bank.

The other half of the page requires the completion of “Additional Credit Information”. It is necessary to choose the marital status, what is your current status in relation to employment, the net monthly income, the name of the employer, his / her ID and the phone number of the employer. Then, just like at the end of the first part, click the “Continue” button.

At this point, you will be taken to the last part of “Completion. You must select a Crumpton Bank branch to reserve an appointment. On the right side of the page, the details of the offer, contact details, and additional information are to be expanded.

The last thing to do is to check the “I got acquainted and I agree with the Walker Loan Request. The last action is to click” Submit Request “and then summarize the selected meeting and contact information with the banker in the near future.

Within one to two days, the applicant will be contacted by the banker and will be asked to bring in a second ID and income receipt for the appointment he/she chose in the application. At the branch, the person can then decide whether or not to create a personal Ukonto account. The advantage is that the loan will be credited to Crumpton Bank’s account immediately. The loan will be credited to your next bank account on the next business day. A big advantage is the possibility to arrange a loan online at and also the fact that if the applicant has an account with Crumpton Bank or opens it at a branch, the loan will be credited to this account after the contract is signed immediately. The disadvantage is the high time required to obtain a loan and the existence of a loan fee of CZK 1,500.

The values ​​in the table are indicative and show a noticeable increase in APR in the case of repayment insurance, which in the final exceeds the interest rate offered to non-clients (without having to have a personal Ukonto account and the said repayment insurance). Loans of 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 400,000 and 500,000 CZK are shown. The values ​​listed on the website are inaccurate because the multiple of the installments and its value will not give the resulting amount. So, the monthly payments listed in the calculator on the above pages were used for the calculation.

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