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Loan for dentures

Compare credit for dentures

Healthy teeth are almost as important as the air you breathe. In order to keep the teeth healthy, it is not only important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, but also to take regular check-ups. Even with any pain and other abnormalities the way to the dentist should not be spared.

Despite good care, a tooth can always get sick and may not be completely salvaged. Bridges, crowns or entire dentures are then used, among other things. A denture is sometimes a necessary evil, but on the other hand also partly just a dental preservation measure, since for example in partial crowns as much as possible of the natural tooth should be preserved.

As is known, all dental treatments of various kinds are often not a cheap pleasure. The statutory and private health insurance companies basically only pay for part of the costs. Not only low-income earners have to carry out important dental treatments due to the sometimes immense costs. What is possible these days, however, is paying the costs through a loan.

Compare credit for dentures

Lending for dentures, there are now a lot of things, but an accurate research in advance is the A and O. One should not immediately decide on a loan at the in-house bank, as this is not always the cheapest option. The comparison of different offers is thus enormously important before a treatment and before a dentures. Both the credit conditions, as well as all fees and interest should know in advance exactly.

As a rule, everyone can get a loan. Even those who have a rather low income, have chances to get the appropriate loan according to their own wishes, needs and level of costs. For example, it is not always necessary to prove your own creditworthiness with each provider. It would also be possible to have a guarantee in order to be able to take out money or just take out a loan.

If a denture treatment is particularly urgent, there are also instant loans, which are usually immediately lockable online. Here, the money is transferred very quickly to immediately on your own account. Generally you should pay attention to the terms of a loan. The longer the terms, the higher the costs in general or the interest accrued. Dentists themselves can also provide advice here.

Check conditions

Check conditions

Providers offering loans for dentures work with different banks and agree together on the terms of the loans. Loans are often available from already 250 euros dentist costs and usually also interest-free, if the amount is repaid in a certain agreed time. Exactly such information must be clarified beforehand in order not to receive even higher costs afterwards.

Furthermore, one should pay attention to the payments to be paid in loan agreements, so that they are not too high monthly, in order to at least afford them.

Everyone should be able to leave the dental practice after a treatment with a smile, if possible without thinking about the costs. So who now needs a loan for the dentures can also inform all around at a patient advice center of the Dental Association or at the Dentistry Association.

Dentures and its financing

The subject of dentures is successfully displaced until it pushes itself on. It does not matter if you have to replace a tooth that has just been pulled, or you have halved an incisor in a fall, it hurts – first physically, then in your purse.

For dentures, the statutory health insurance provide a fixed subsidy to the costs. This applies to the so-called standard supply and covers about half of the costs.

The patient can freely choose the type of denture, but the amount of the subsidy granted by the health insurance does not change. Beneficiaries of unemployment benefit or livelihood benefits may benefit from a hardship rule on application.

Financing process

The dentist will discuss with the patient the available options of the dentures and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each variant, but about the cost is only the cost estimate, which is created after the consultation and usually after about one week to the patient’s view, information.

In the context of the consultation, the patient is expected to provide some information – usually in writing – as to whether additional dental insurance exists and whether payment by installments is desired. The latter question should always be answered with “yes”, even if one is determined to finance the dentures differently.

Almost all dentists offer the financing of dentures together with a financing partner and you should keep this path open.

Approval of the health insurance

Approval of the health insurance

Knowing the scale of the investment and its financing needs, when the patient keeps the estimate in his hands. The cost estimate must first be approved by the health insurance, which initially takes some time. Anyone passing the cost estimate approved by the health insurance company to the dentist will conclude a contract with the dental practice for the delivery of the dental prosthesis and will be obliged to accept and pay from this contract conclusion. Therefore, the financing question should be clarified before the approved cost estimate is handed over.

The costs for the restoration of teeth are rarely less than 1000 euros, usually much more. With the eyes of the loan officer, dentures have one drawback: if you disregard the gold tooth, it has no resale value, so it is not pledgeable and can not be lent. Credits for dentures are consumer loans for free use, which are granted to those who bring the appropriate credit.

Role of creditworthiness in the dental loan

Creditworthiness is the quality of a person or a company that is given to him or her as a participant in economic life. For consumers, the opinion-forming institution in Germany is the private credit, which stores information on almost every German and foreign alien living in Germany that it receives from its contract partners.

From all the information, private credit calculates a key figure that is continuously updated and that is decisive for the lending and the amount of the interest rate to be paid, the creditworthiness score.

Free private credit information

Everybody in Germany has the right to receive free information about the stored data and their credit score once a year. The free information – the private credit product name is “copy of data” – but takes a few weeks. The paid versions are available at short notice.

Even outside of current financing activities, the information stored at private credit should be checked regularly. Errors in the database are easier to clarify in a timely manner.

Keep an eye on revenue and expenditure

Anyone who deals with taking out a loan should first clarify its financial situation honestly. This leads to a list of all running costs, which are almost every rent, insurance, local transport, club contributions and the obligations of installment agreements of all kinds.

If one subtracts the sum of all current obligations from the smallest guaranteed income, one obtains the framework of disposition, which still has room for additional credit.

One of the most important criteria of lending is the part of the income that exceeds the seizure limit: Only this part of the income is good for the credit! On the Internet you can see the corresponding, easy-to-understand tables.

The amount of the loan installment can be determined to a certain extent by the duration. On the relevant loan portals on the Internet are enough credit calculator, on which you can choose the right loan model without any cost and no obligation.

Documents for the loan application

Once you have set your own loan amount, duration and number of installments, you should make sure that you have the necessary documents for a loan application.

These are always:

  1. The identity documents – the valid identity card or the valid passport with confirmation of registration
  2. The wage documents – should be apparent the current income and that of the last three months
  3. The lease – some lenders require proof of the undeclared lease.

Guarantee and installment

Guarantee and installment

The problem of dentures often comes at an inopportune time, ie if there are already loans and therefore there is little or no financial scope for another one. An almost sure way to credit is to place a guarantor. A guarantor is liable directly, ie as the borrower for the obtained credit.

Both the borrower and the guarantor should be very aware that and with whom they take a financial risk. Guarantees have already caused a lot of mischief in families and friendships.

Nobody, whose creditworthiness is limited, must fear to receive no dentures. Almost all dental practices offer the financing of dentures in the form of installment payments. Representing the industry, one should consider the offer of the German Dental Data Centers. These offer free partial payment upon settlement of the total bill within 6 months.

For longer terms up to 48 months with a minimum rate of 25 euros, interest will be charged, for. Z. 0.43% / month for maturities of 6-12 months and 0.63% for 13-48 months. However, no payroll documents or pension notices are required ! However, this offer is only for patients whose dentist is working with this organization.

Each dentist can freely choose his or her financial partner, but the partial payment agreements offered by the dentists are similar. At the reception of the dental practice, one usually keeps a leaflet ready for financing and advises the interested party.

For all those who enjoy a good credit rating, a small loan for maturities of 6-48 months to obtain more favorable conditions in the credit market. For everyone else, this is not a very cheap, but accessible for everyone.

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